Voice Actor/Comedian Bryan Cox is proud to be added as one of the expert voice talents at the internationally acclaimed ooober.com.

ooober.com which has been tagged by IDC as one of the top “10 Emerging Wireless Entertainment Players to Watch.”

“Our innovative technologies, creative market approaches, and market experimentation have poised us to have a big impact on the entertainment industry in many countries around the world.” Abbas Alvi went on to say, “Ooober focuses on areas such as mobile advertising/marketing, mobile search, mobile community, and mobile user-generated content and services. Adding the expert voice talents of Bryan Cox to our vast sound library will, I’m sure, turn out to be very advantageous for our customers”. His voice talents have been heard in Hollywood movies, animation projects, business narration’s and thousands of commercials.

Ooober Inc. owns one of the first global user-generated mobile content site, www.ooober.mobi, which will feature voicetones from Bryan Cox.

“Ooober is a fantastic young company and I’m very excited to work with these professionals. They treat every client with respect and that’s the way I like to do business. For a company of this calibre to choose my voice talents is really humbling” said Bryan Cox, CEO of Cox Marketing.

Cox Marketing and ooober inc. will be launching the first-ever “Request a Ringtone” service from ringtones.mobi and ooober.mobi in which anyone can request a voicetone in the impersonation of Doc from Back to the Future, Santa Claus and some other characters by sending a email to Request@ringtones.mobi.

His collection of voice tones can be found at www.ringtones.mobi/backtothefutureparody, www.ringtones.mobi/funnysanta and few more online mobile content stores.

Source: PR-Inside.com


  1. Thanks Kat….this is pretty exciting. OOOBER is an up and coming company and is well entrenched in India and a ton of other countries as well. I’m pretty pumped about this. Cheers


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