Marketing StrategyOver the last five years big corporations have been embracing social media as a means to connect with their customers. But it’s not just fortune 500’s who can take advantage of new wave marketing. Individuals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and artists are all finding out that social media can make a big impact on their business.

Two voice over talent who combine their voice over and marketing skills are Terry Daniel and Dave Courvoisier. In a recent lesson on the Voice Over Experts podcast they discuss the use of social media for voice over artists and the multitude of free online marketing tools that are available to voice over artists today that were not available ten years ago.

Daniel explains, “You need to spend a pretty good amount of time on marketing every day. That could mean spending an hour on Facebook just searching not only for voice over groups but other business related groups that could potentially need your voice for a project. The opportunities, especially on Facebook, are endless.”

Talent agents, production houses, audio engineers, and marketing agencies all have profiles on social media sites. With a little research getting your voice out there could be as easy as extending a virtual hand and introducing yourself.

Source: Voice Over Experts


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