Canada Post logoIf you’re in Canada or take note of what goes on here via the news, you likely know that there have been rolling postal strikes in our nation for the past couple of weeks. Our post services, as of today, have temporarily suspended operation in terms of the sorting and delivery of mail.

While this may not seem relevant to those outside of Canada, it’s important to realize that anything you are sending or receiving that goes to or from Canada will take longer to get to you.
Read more about how this might affect you in today’s VOX Daily.

How The Canada Post Lockout May Affect You

As of today, unionized Canada Post employees have been locked out and the Canadian government is tabling legislation that will result in business as usual. Canada Post Corporation is a crown corporation and the government has the ability to legislate its employees back to work.

Voice talent who have opted to receive SurePay payments by check from for work procured through our site will be affected by this, however, the good news is that we have a solution that will get you your money faster than a check typically would for this pay period given the recent events regarding delivery of mail in Canada.

Our Solution

Talent at can be paid either by check or PayPal. Given the circumstances, talent who traditionally receive SurePay payments by check are being offered the option to receive those funds by PayPal for the current pay period.
Deciding to receive this payment via PayPal will ensure that payment is received in a timely manner. Payment will also be received much faster than if a check were issued and sent in the mail.

Another benefit is that pays the PayPal fee and you are not docked for receiving payment in this manner. I’m sure that comes as a comfort to those who were curious about the schedule and how receipt of payment happens!

Talent affected by this are being sent personal emails from me inviting them to select the PayPal option for payments due to be issued on June 15, 2011. All follow up questions are to be directed to Kevin Ronson in our Finance department whose contact details will be provided within the message.

What You Can Do For Future Payments

Something you can do is select PayPal as your payment preference when receiving SurePay payments at Here’s a link to where you can update this information in your Billing Preferences:

We trust that this proactive approach demonstrates our continuing dedication to providing customers with what they have come to expect from our company.
Should you have any questions about this, you are welcome to post a comment here or contact our Customer Care department and select “billing” as your question type.

Thank you again for your attention to this matter. We appreciate your support!
With warm regards,


  1. I am very disappointed in how insensitive the post people are. Under no circumstances should the public be effected by having there mail held hostage, for very selfish reasons. If these employees are that selfish, then fire them and hire other people who would appreciate a job and work for less as well. I am a single mom with two young children and depend on the postal service to deliver my mail in timely fashion. My cheques come by mail and I have not received any money this month to be able to provide for my children. Yes, I understand that it is not the employees problem, but it is. I really hope you all feel good about yourselves, leaving me and many others that are in my shoes, not knowing what to do for there children. IT WAS OUR FOOD MONEY. By the way it is against the law to hold our mail hostage. I would also like to know how we are going to be compensated, for our stresses and lack of enjoyment in our lives due to your inadequacy of delivering our mail in a timely fashion and making us suffer, not be able to fend for our families. By the way please don’t tell how sorry you all are when your not.
    Thanks for the inconvenience and stressing me out,
    Brenda and kids

  2. Hi Brenda,
    I’m glad we could provide a place for you to share your thoughts. We at hope that this lockout ends swiftly as well! I hear what you’re saying and trust that our government will legislate in a timely manner. Nothing is quick enough when things like this happen but there is hope.
    With warm regards,


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