The Canadian Women Voters Congress was in Vancouver Sunday. One of the many functions of this group is getting more women involved in the political process.

As Jennifer Sweeney, head of the congress, pointed out to Shannon Proudfoot of Canwest News Service, “being 52% of the population, (women) can be a very powerful group.”

And so, to attract this group, political parties have used everything from female voice-overs in political advertising, to sweaters and family-friendly messaging.

But the problem with these approaches is that they assume the majority of women will vote the same way if presented with a specific platform.
That’s hard to accept in 2008.

Women, like men, differ on almost every issue, from child-care benefits to crime and punishment.

Rather than attempt to merely woo the female vote at campaign time, we suggest all parties strive to increase the number of women at the nomination level, then after the election, increase the number of women in the cabinet or the shadow cabinet.

Women actually governing would be the truest representation of their 52% majority.

Source: The Daily News (Nanaimo) via


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