Caryn ClarkCaryn Clark recently did some voice over work that you may have seen on television… thanks to technology and an OK from her client, the video Caryn did the voice over for is now up on YouTube!

Come check it out here at VOX Daily and let me know if you’ve voiced videos found on YouTube as well.

Here’s the work Caryn Clark did for one of her clients.
Take a look-see.

Have you done any voice over work for a video that has been posted to YouTube?
Leave a comment and tell us all about it!


  1. Way to be environmentally friendly Caryn!
    I recently did a corporate video for a company that is going green as well:
    My voiceover is 43 seconds in if you drop by:)
    We are editing my 1:29 second parts together so I can post them on my YouTube channel:
    Having your own YouTube channel is definitely another great form of marketing for us v/o types…
    “Lights, camera…audio!”
    Take care.
    – Ralph

  2. Nice work, Caryn!
    Boy, are we ever at opposite vocal ranges! I love it.
    I have a sample of a narrative up on YouTube, called “Producer with a Purpose.” I did this for a mini-doc that was aired locally. For those of you interested in video, I’ll toot my own horn and tell you that I also edited the video on this piece. 🙂

    I also did the radio announcer on the “Freedom of Speech” PSA, as well as producing and editing the piece.

    There are other short PSA’s and videos on my YouTube Account, but they represent television production, not voice-overs work!

    Happy Holidays to all!


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