Buzz blog at Voices.comEver heard of the Buzz blog at

What goes on there?
If you haven’t popped by, you’re going to get quite the surprise!

Maybe you’ve encountered the Buzz blog before because you contributed a story.
Perhaps you’ve even heard rumors about it!

What is Buzz?

Buzz is a blog at and is the proud home of some of our customer success stories.
Each entry on the blog features a customer of and shares unique experiences they have had using the web service. Voice actors submit to Buzz regularly to let us know about their experiences, but what you may not have known is that clients also participate, revealing information about their talent evaluation process, the person they worked with and why is their service of choice when it comes to hiring the perfect voice every time. Check out these case studies conducted by Laurynda.
To read all submissions, including the case studies, click here.

Do you have a story to share?

If you have a success story that you’d like to share about your experiences, be sure to visit the Buzz blog and let us know!
P.S. You can subscribe to Buzz to get updates as they occur to keep on top of the latest success stories and case studies. Just enter your email on the Buzz blog to subscribe.



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