caseykasemWhen I was a kid I wanted to be Casey Kasem. He provided half the character voices for my favourite cartoon, Scooby Doo, and he hosted my favourite radio show, American Top 40.

I would watch, and listen, faithfully every weekend!

Eventually I did have the opportunity to become my hero. Sort of. In 1999 I started hosting a syndicated music video countdown that aired all across North American and in a few countries in Europe. In 2002 I voiced my first cartoon character. Which, funny enough, would also be my last! šŸ™‚

Here I am in 2013, sitting at my desk on Saturday afternoon and what’s playing on my TV? Scooby Doo and the Boo Brothers! All these years later, Casey is still in my life!

I came across a story on Twitter while working this afternoon, that nearly broke my heart. An article titled, “Casey Kasem Has Just A Few Months To Live.”

According to a report obtained by TMZ, Casey’s wife Jean has stated that Casey Kasem “is terminally ill and unable to leave home.”

The report goes on to say, “Kasem hasĀ advanced Parkinson’s disease; may haveĀ early dementia.”

Kasem has triple digit acting credits according to with a career that dates back to the early 1960’s. You can check out his profile at by clicking here.

I’ll be taking a moment today to say a prayer for the man who inspired me to pursue a career in broadcasting and ultimately, voice acting. Thanks to Casey Kasem, I’m living my dream!



  1. Many years ago, I became aware that Casey Kasem’s fraudulent endorsement was being used in local advertising. I did some quick research which yielded his agent’s number. I reported the transgression. A few hours later, Casey called to thank me for watching out for him! We spoke for a few minutes. He sent me a couple of items. He seemed like a nice guy.

  2. Every Sunday the local radio station in Moscow Idaho would run American Top 40. I would stick a hand held microphone up to my transistor radio speaker to record my favorite songs for playback on cassettes that I still have to this day!
    While Casey Kasem was not my sole inspiration to get into radio, he played a large part…and eventually one of my first jobs in the business was to actually run his show, Sunday afternoons…on my home town radio station KRPL in Moscow Idaho!