Casey KasemDid you hear that Casey Kasem has retired from radio?

The voice of America’s Top Ten and also Shaggy on Scooby-Doo has left the building!
With his first broadcast counting down the hits on July 4th, 1970 to his surprise retirement announcement live on the show on July 4th, 2009, Kasem has been part of American culture and has legendary status, the last of the great radio kings such as Alan Freed and Wolfman Jack.
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Journey To The Top

July 4th, 2009 marked radio pioneer Casey Kasem’s final countdown after 39 years of devoted service to music fans everywhere.
At the age of 77, you can’t blame him for retiring, and now that he’s got some free time on his hands, word has it (according to his wife, Jeannie Kasem) that Kasem will be writing his memoirs.

He must have many stories to tell considering the interesting life he has led and all of the opportunities that have come his way.
This not is only the man who taught the world how to count to 40 backwards, he’s also the same person who managed to convince the producers of Scooby-Doo to turn Shaggy from his burger eating ways into a vegetarian, just like himself to keep voicing the role!

While I could tell you more about that tale, I think it would be far better to read about it in more detail on the pages of a Casey Kasem memoir.
For now, we’ll toast the Top Ten Man with his own Top Ten List!

Top Ten Interesting Facts about Casey Kasem

1. Born Kemal Amen Kasem in Detroit, Michigan into a Lebanese-American household
2. Made his radio debut while in high school
3. Studied radio broadcasting as a student at Wayne State University
4. Became involved with radio dramas with roles on shows like The Lone Ranger
5. Served as an announcer and DJ for the Armed Forces Radio Korea Network in 1952
6. Spent twenty years working his way up to prominence as a radio announcer
7. Created American Top 40 with childhood friend and Hollywood producer Don Bustany
8. Narrated all national promo announcements for shows on NBC television (1977-81)
9. Is the voice of Shaggy on the cartoon Scooby-Doo and its various incarnations
10. Has voiced characters on The Adventures of Batman and Josie and the Pussycats

Do You Have Any Comments You’d Like To Share?

As Casey Kasem would say, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!”
Three cheers to you Mr. Kasem on your retirement,


  1. Say it ain’t so! I actually found out this was coming about two weeks ago, as my radio station carries Casey. They told us to give us the “head’s up” as they say. Oh well… we’ll still be running his back shows. All good things come to an end I guess.
    Tom Conklin

  2. Kudos Casey Kasem!
    Great career, and a well-deserved retirement.
    Didn’t know he was a vegetarian.
    It will be interesting to read his auto-biography…
    From one Lebanese-American to another – have a Baqlawa on me!

  3. One of the true pioneers in the industry! Everyone listened to American Top 40 on Saturday’s. Plus, like myself, he’s a former Detroiter and Wayne State Grad. Heck we had some of the same professors – albeit he’s a bit older than me.
    Now here’s my long distance dedication…Casey could you please play…The Night Chicago Died?

  4. Thank you all for your kind wishes!
    JC, I know you’re kidding, but that got me thinking. I’ve just tweeted something about those thoughts and wonder what others will reply with!
    If anyone is curious and wants to start following my tweets, you can find me on Twitter here:

  5. I wonder if Ryan Seacrest is going to take over his shows now… if not… I could use the work! LOL

  6. I was wondering what happened to this amazing voice! He was a big part of my childhood! Transformers and AT40 and more. I even tried to impersonate him! All the best to one of my heroes!

  7. I worked for Casey when he was managing bands, He hired our group, THE DEVILLES to play in Fillmore (not the SF Fillmore) CA by Simi Valley. He was very cool and paid us well even if no one showed up to the venue. I first heard the Beatles when he said “Comin up, we have four English lads who have to play in a cage so the girls won’t tear them apart. It was ‘I wanna Hold your hand’
    Our whole band changed from a Righteous Brothers look to a Beatles look in a matter of months.

  8. I remember sitting as a kid with my radio, pencil and paper, hanging on his every word and keeping track of the song positions from week to week. I knew then I wanted to be a DJ. I was “on the air” for over 20 years, had a couple of countdown shows, had many #1 Arbitrons, met a LOT of the bands I was playing and had a GREAT time. Casey was one of my 2 greatest influences. George Carlin was the other. Imagine how bizarre that was at times! Casey, you introduced me to a couple of decades of job insecurity, moving around the country, overnight shifts, morning shifts, weekend shifts, insane radio sales people, and I can’t thank you enough! I wouldn’t change a thing even if I could. Well… there was that station manager in Oregon… I hope you really enjoy your retirement. I’ll miss you and be forever grateful.

  9. I have listened to Casey Kasem from when I was just a kid to now, listening to him do the count down on the radio for the 80’s to listening to him voice the characters Shaggy on Scooby-Doo and Teletraan 1, BlueStreak, and Cliffjumper on Transformers. I still watch the original Transformers and Scooby-Doo. His voice is very comforting because it brings me back to my child hood and I grew up listening to it. I think he is a terrific voice-actor, he brought whatever character he did to life and gave them there own personality, each one. There will never be another Casey Kasem that is for sure. No one could replace him doing the characters that he did. Thank you Casey Kasem for using the gift that God has blessed you with.

  10. Good Evening My Friend
    Although I have never met Casy I have been a fan of his since I first heard him some years ago.
    I used to go into a spare studio’ (when I had my own radio programme)
    and tune in to hear his master voice.
    I only heard that Cassy had retired’ as a fan living in the United Kingdom’ (Wales) I was sad to hear the news’ but he has gone out at the very top.
    There will never be other Cassy ever, he was and still is a one off’ they broke the Golden Mold when the great man was born.
    Life will go on’ but not hearing Cassy on air. make it a sad day’ thankfully there are some recordings of his programmes on line. I for one will never ever get board hearing the great man.
    I hope you have a very happy retirment
    Keep on Rockin Cassy
    From A True UK Fan.
    Phil Black.

  11. I Have been listening to AT40 from Malaysia since the 80’s. Thanks so much Casey Kasem.
    You have been the ‘Yard stick where radio broadcast is concerned. I remember coaxing my boss to buy your syndicated show in the mid 90’s. It was one of the highlights of my radio career. I will miss your show and the “Long Distance Dedications”.


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