Surprised girl with red hair and braidsAre you looking for an edge when it comes to booking gigs?
What do casting directors look for?
Is there anything you can do?
Casting director Todd Resnick of Resnick Interactive shares his perspective on how you can wow decision makers in today’s VOX Daily.

3 Voice Over Casting Insights To Help You Get the Part

By Todd Resnick
The voice over casting of an actor begins and ends with the opinion of the client… and it is subjective.
Let me repeat that – it is SUBJECTIVE.
It’s crucial to keep in mind that you are selling your voice, skill, and talent as a product. While we understand how much work you have put into your craft, we also have a great deal of pressure to get the “right” voice to match the creative vision of our client and their product.

This is a business, it is not personal. Keep this as your motto and it will reflect in your calmness in the booth, as well as an ease you’ll bring to the room. If you are able to help the day run smooth and be professional when we ask you to give us a different read for the thousandth time, we will be much more likely to hire you again.
This is a demanding and competitive business, and we all want to work with people we like. Here are just a few of the additional criteria we keep in mind for casting.

1. What is the best voice for the part.

Again, this is subjective, but you can help stack the deck in your favor by being prepared. Have an arsenal of voices ready to go. This will show your range and adaptability.

2. The ability to stay in character.

Nothing is more frustrating than to cast the perfect voice, only to have that actor not be able to repeat the voice throughout the duration of the session. It wastes time and money for all involved to repeat lines and continuously replay the reference to get the actor back on track.

3. Be aware of the production side, as well as the creative.

In production, time literally is money. Help the Director and Producer stay within budget by preparing a wide range of voices, creative choices for the character, and perhaps even dialogue suggestions. Not all directors are open to suggestions, but good ones will appreciate the collaborative effort to make the best content possible.
We hired you for the role(s) because we believe your voice will make our project better. Do your part and we all win with a product we can be proud of.
Todd Resnick

About Todd Resnick

Todd Resnick is CEO at Resnick Interactive, a voice over casting company he started in 2000. Resnick Interactive is a full-service voice over company specializing in voice over casting, voice over directing and voice over production for today’s animation, advertisements and games. With fifteen years in the music production and video game development industries, Todd has been a Business Owner, Pioneer, Teacher, Producer, Engineer, Casting Director and inspirational Team Leader with some of today’s well known companies, networks and publishers including Mattel, Blizzard, Marvel, Simon and Schuster, and many other storied franchises.
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  1. Great tips! I’ve personally gotten rehired by a client because of tip 3. During our recording she appreciated by ability to nuance the character and give her what she needed in as few a takes as possible. She told me her previous vo actor took a long time to get in character and recording sessions were long. As a result, I’ve been rehired on a quarterly basis to do voices for her company.


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