Stephanie and David Ciccarelli pose in front of the sign in their 45,000 square foot office in London, Ontario, Canada
Investment Announcement: An Open Letter From’s Founders

About the investment in Voices from Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, the growth-focused private investment team within Morgan Stanley.

Retrieved flight data recorder
Industry Updates
Audio Plays Starring Role in “Sully”,...

How important are recordings from an airplane’s black box? Depending on the plane, they could literally change the course of history.

teacup, coffee cup, coffee, sugar cubes, vinyl record
Industry Updates
Remembering Stuart McLean, Canada’s Storyteller

A tribute to Stuart McLean who touched the hearts of Canadians by chronicling the lives of his beloved Dave and Morley, on "The Vinyl Cafe."

2017 Trends Report cover page
Industry Updates
The 2017 Trends Report is Here

The current advertising landscape and North American media landscape is rapidly changing. Curious as to new and emerging trends? Read more here.

The Shared Responses Feature has been updated
Product News
Introducing the Updated Shared Responses Feature for...

Shortlisting and sharing auditions for your posted jobs just got easier, with the updated Shared Response Feature for Businesses.

New Favorites feature for clients at
Product News
Favoriting Voice Actors Just Got Better

Ever wanted to save a demo to a list instead of favoriting an actor's profile? Make your online casting experience even better with this.

New Favorites on Demos | Blog
Product News
Why Do Clients Like Your Voice? New Favorites Will...

Why did that creative producer like your voice? Now that demos can be saved to a client's favorites at Voices, you'll have a better idea.

A group of several people with different ages
Industry Updates
Does Age Discrimination Affect Voice Actors?

How much does an actor's age figure into a casting decision? A new law prohibits entertainment websites from posting an actor's age.

New profile
Profiles Getting a New Look!

Our voice actors' profiles have a fresh new look! Read about the 3 changes made to them and how they'll enhance how many jobs you book!

Tips for Voice Actors
Video: Agreements, Uploading Files, and Reviews

You’ve auditioned for a job and booked it! Now what? We cover how to accept the project agreement, upload the final files, and get 5 stars!

File Management
New Features! File Management Made Easier at Voices

We made a "drag and drop a file" feature for our clients that have multiple file uploads, and now also allow larger file size uploads!

SAG-AFTRA headquarters exterior
The History of SAG-AFTRA

All about the history of how SAG-AFTRA came to be, including why each body was formed and why they decided to join forces.

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