Funny Slogans – 20 Tag Lines for Voices That...

When reviewing the 300+ slogan submissions, we came across many that made us laugh out loud, a number of which we thought would be fun to share.

Kathleen Herles, Voice of Dora The Explorer
Industry Updates
Kathleen Herles, Original Voice of Dora Chats with...

For ten years, Kathleen Herles was the voice of Dora the Explorer, one of the most famous voices on television. Check out this inspiring interview.

Grammys Announcer Heather Halley Interviewed at Voices

You heard the voice of Heather Halley, a voice that has received numerous compliments from people inside and outside of the voice over industry.

International Dialects of English Archive

Check out IDEA, which stands for International Dialects of English Archive, featuring audio samples of dialects for theatre and film artists.

iPhone TV Commercial Voice

Here we share a bit more with you about the actor who narrated the commercial for Apple promoting the new iPhone.

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