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Launched: Post Jobs in New Creative Services
Post Jobs in New Creative Services

With the launch of our new creative services, we’ve put a lot of thought and effort into how clients post jobs.

Product News
Get Help Budgeting with Recommended Budgets

When it comes to delivering a rock solid creative project, arguably nothing is more important than the quality of the creative itself. The next most critical...

Product News
Experience Community with Your Voices Peers

Voices launched a new Community Forum that's exclusive to Voices members. Learn more about this exciting launch.

Product News
Maximize Your Workflow With New Profile and My Home Experience

Today we’re pleased to share with you a totally refreshed Talent My Home and Profile experience.

A screenshot of the refreshed version of Voices' Client My Home Dashboard
See Jobs at a Glance With New My Home Dashboard

Whether you’re working your first job, or managing several, knowing where things stand is critical. That’s why we’ve redesigned My Home.

Product News
Start on the Right Foot with Transparent Agreements & Multi-Usage Job Postings

We're introducing some improvements to our job posting form and job agreements. Check out our blog post here to learn more.

Launched: Voices Lessons
Tools and Resources
Become a Voices Expert in Minutes with Voices Lessons

We are exciting to share Voices Lessons—a new tool that will give clients and talent an amazing experience learning how the Voices platform works.

Product News
What We Launched Over January, February, and March

A number of different and powerful new and updated features were released recently. Learn more about them here.

Social Login and Sign Up
Product News
Access Voices with Social Login and Sign Up

Introducing Social Sign Up and Login and a simplified user registration process - it's now easier than ever to create a Voices account.

Product News
What We Launched in Fall 2020

A number of different and powerful new and updated features were released on our platform over fall 2020. See them here.

Product News
Show Off Your Skills with New Talent Profiles

We've made big changes to the way talent update, manage, and add new services and skills to their profile. Read our blog to find out more.

What We Launched in Summer 2020

Over the months of July, August, and September we made a number of updates to our marketplace platform, which you can learn more about here.

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