Audio Technology

Audio Technology
Top 5 Earplugs For Musicians

There’s a key tool that’s often overlooked in the world of music. Sure Beethoven got by without it, but for the average musician in 2022, the quality of...

Audio Technology
Best MIDI Keyboards of 2022

Keyboards are a crucial part of music. If you have a DAW, you can control every parameter of your MIDI synths and instruments.

Audio Technology
What Is 8D Music?

In short, 8D is a form of editing that gives the illusion of physical space when the listener uses headphones.

What Is An Audiogram?

An audiogram is a type of audio file converted into a video by adding a static background and a waveform and some dialogue transcription.

Shock mount
Microphone Shock Mounts – What They Are and Why...

A quality shock mount is a worthwhile consideration for any voice actor. If your kit doesn’t include a shock mount, you’re missing out.

Man talking on cell phone while on a laptop
The Best Apps to Record Phone Calls

Whether you want to record a phone call for an interview or for training purposes, these are the best apps to get the job done.

An animated image of a hand holding up a smartphone with little icons and lines showing how each is connected
Voice Over
Connecting Remotely for Live Directed Sessions in 2022

Compare the features of various technologies voice actors and clients use to connect remotely, from ISDN to Source-Connect, Skype, and Zoom.

A microphone sits in a stabilizer.
Voice Over
Best Voice Over Microphones in 2022

What are the best microphones for voice over in 2022? We put together this guide to help you choose the right microphone for your voice.

Sound Engineer
Top 13 Audio Engineering Schools for 2022

From LA to Toronto, we’ve compiled a list of the best audio engineering schools to help you make it in the audio production industry in 2022

Animation of man and robot looking at each other with a voice icon in between them
When to Use Synthetic Voices: An AI Voice Guide for...

Our Synthetic Voice Matrix tells you when an AI voice is suitable to use for your project and uncovers the pros and cons of synthetic voices.

A black smart home speaker sitting on a brown circle piece of wood
Industry Updates
Synthetic and AI Voices: Market Size and How...

AI voice tech is projected to be a $36B industry by 2025. There is unprescidented opportunity to invest in synthetic voice development and here's how.

Books with a headphone on
How to Make an Audiobook [Independent Publishers]

How to make an audiobook—a definitive guide for independent publishers. Part 1 of 3: what to consider before going into production.

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