Creative Inspiration

Man peacefully listening to music on his mobile device.
Music for Creativity

Got writer’s block? Feeling deprived of inspirational oxygen? Discover the best music for creativity to energize and inspire.

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photo for how to be creative
How to Be Creative – 7 Tips for Boosting...

There are tips you can weave into your life to learn how to be creative every day. Author and entrepreneur, Deep Patel shares his tips.

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Woman relaxing on a couch with a cup of tea. Taking downtime to protect her creative process and be her most productive self afterwards.
Productivity and The Importance of Taking Downtime

Discover the importance of taking downtime and brain breaks, and some unique ways to find downtime in your busy schedule.

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Languages from around the world
9 Types of French Spoken Around the World

Looking at the different types of French spoken around the world and how you can distinguish between the different accents and dialects.

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Ilyana Kadushin on becoming a successful audiobook narrator.
Becoming an Audiobook Narrator with Ilyana Kadushin

Ilyana Kadushin speaks on becoming an audiobook narrator for the "Twilight" saga by Stephenie Meyer.

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Styles of voice over narration
Styles of Voice Over Narration

There are 4 different types of voice over narration to take into consideration when hiring a voice actor for your audiobook narration project.

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Cartoon voice actor Shelly Shenoy in her voice booth.
How I Became a Successful Cartoon Voice Actor

Becoming a successful cartoon voice actor can be challenging. Voice coach and actor Shelly Shenoy shares her success story.

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6 ways to get into character
6 Ways To Get Into Character

As a voice actor you will often need to get into character. These tips and tricks can help you nail the read and become the character.

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Image of how to get into character
How Voice Actor and Coach Rachel Alena Gets Into...

Voice coach and actor Rachel Alena on how to get into character for your next gig. She uses her real life experience and examples.

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A man working in the background with a globe in the foreground
Animation in International Advertising Strategies

Learn how transcription & localization aid international animation projects. And discover what brands are winning in the international advertising space.

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Illustration depicts man reading a script in a coffee shop
How to Write Great Voice Over Scripts

As a client you want to attract the best voice over talent for your job and you will need to write great voice over scripts to achieve this.

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Illustrations depict Morgan Freeman, Oprah Winfrey, Nicole Kidman, George Clooney, and Emma Stone.
Top 10 Most In-Demand Famous Voices

Learn about the top famous voices of 2018, and which vocal qualities are popular. Discover how to find a voice similar to your favorite star!

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