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The Birth of Television and the Notable Campaigns and...

The television is an invention that changed the world. Learn about the history of the television, including notable ads, speeches and terms.

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An illustrated scene depicting Times Square in New York
The Best Ads of 2017 as Selected by Staff

Looking for top ads of 2017? Look no further - this list, compiled by staff showcase the best commercials and voice overs of 2017.

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Man pondering something; appears confused.
An Artist in Transition: Finding Your True Voice

What do you do when you don't sound like "you" anymore? When you find your identity in a voice that isn’t yours, you lose yourself.

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Content Creator and Storyteller Ally Pintucci
Understanding How to Leverage Social Media Influencers

Ever wonder what a social media influencer does? Instagram Storyteller Ally Pintucci explains how she works, and how you can work with her.

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Fire-breathing dragon. Smaug-like dragon from The Hobbit.
6 Ways Facial Expression and Physicality Play into the...

When actors are free to move about and exaggerate facial expressions, their voice and overall performance takes on a more authentic quality.

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History of the Recorded Voice

What was the world of sound recording, production and enjoyment like in 1900? Tour 100 years spanning the history of the recorded voice.

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A young girl tips a bucket and out of it flows a flurry of letters, out into the wind
Authenticity in Alien Worlds: The Art of Creating...

Constructed languages offer authenticity to films, video games and other project. Advice on creating languages from Dr. Christine Schreyer.

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An illustration shows many business people in suits in a race. One at the front has grabbed onto a lightbulb with wings and is taking off ahead of the pack.
Who Will Win the Voice Activated Tech Race?

Voice activated intelligent speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod are in a race. These factors will guide who wins!

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Fish on a blackboard
4 Ways to Gain an Influencer’s Mental Real Estate

What goes into getting a job or being known as a go-to source? Earning an influencer's mental real estate can get you there. Here's how.

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3 Sweet Results of Collaboration

The cross-pollination of passion, motivation and inspiration provide a catalyst unlike any other for creatives. Learn why community helps.

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A man stands with arms folded in front of a large illustration of many cogs moving together
Top Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Recommendations provide the the best way to learn about new podcasts. Here are 9 of our top podcasts for entrepreneurs and leaders.

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A mixed media image shows a real person's hand 'walking' up a set of illustrated stairs that are adorned with images like lightbulbs, word blurbs, keys and words like success, yes, and goal.
Top Podcasts for Storytellers and Creative Entrepreneurs

Being in a creative job is amazing, but staying creative can be a challenge. Stay inspired with podcasts for storytellers and entrepreneurs.

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