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Hollywood's New Triple Threat? Acting, Looks, and Voice?
Hollywood’s New Triple Threat? Acting, Looks,...

Traditionally, people known as Triple Threats have been performers who can sing, dance and act, but what if there is a new Triple Threat on the horizon?

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A Little ADR Goes a Long Way

Find out what ADR is and why it’s important and how it is used here on VOX Daily.

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Want some Audiobook Narration Practice? Try LibriVox.

One of the ways voice acting has hit the mainstream is through the recording of audiobooks.

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Meet the Industry: Clients Who Hire Voice Actors

How are voice actors found and who hires them? What do clients look for and are there any similarities? Learn more here!

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Who is Locking out Female Voice Talent?

When you think of movie trailer voice overs, what do you think of? Perhaps, the better question to ask is: Which gender of voice do you think of?

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Google Radio Ad Voiceovers

Key factors that will need to be considered when selecting voice talent for Google Radio: professionalism, artistic abilities, and more!

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