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Illustration of a young boy with letters coming out of his mouth to express vocal direction.
How to Give the Best Voice Over Direction

When creating elearning narration you should learn how to give the best voice over direction through tools like a great script.

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A large number six sits in the middle of a textured blue background.
Thriving in the Age of Brevity: The 6-Second Ad

A 6-second ad can be incredibly creative and effective. Plus it's a trending format. Get inspired & learn why you need to create one now!

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A shot of billboards in downtown New York City.
The Best Ads of 2018 As Selected By Staff

What were the best ads 2018? Our experts have scoured the internet to round up our favorite commercials and voice overs of 2018.

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An illustrated graphic depicts a man looking out over the edge of a cliff through a telescope, as though gazing into the future
2019 Trends Report: What’s Coming for Voice Actors and Creatives

Prepare for success with these 2019 trends in voice over and marketing, assembled from survey and data. Get ahead of the curve!

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A person about to open a surprise gift
Sounds of the Season – Voices Heard in Holiday Ads

Holiday ads showcase 4 main types of voices. Find out who they are, and watch the iconic holiday ads employing these vocal types.

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A group of puzzle pieces that combine to create a larger thing
Anatomy of a Successful Seasonal Marketing Campaign

Use seasonal marketing to capitalize on special times of year when your brand can bring forth value to your target customers. Here's how.

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Silhouette of a video game plater wearing headphones with an out-of-focus video game screed in the background.
How To Make Video Games More Accessible Through Sound Design

Tactics for how video game designers can make games more accessible through their video game sound design.

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A woman using a bullhorn
How Voice Applications Are Used in Infrastructure

Whether you’re out in public or in the privacy of your own home, innovative voice applications are all around us.

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Troubleshooting Dynamics Processing in Adobe Audition

If you're just beginning to learn about audio editing, troubleshooting dynamics processing can be complicated. Here's the advice you need.

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Press Release folder
Podcast Press Release Template

Now that your podcast is launching, make sure the world knows! This podcast press release template will help you get the word out.

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A white podcast streaming icon set on a blue background, resting on a grey wooden floor
Finding Podcast Guests

Here are 5 ways to find podcast guests, considerations to keep in mind when choosing guests, and how to manage inbound guest requests.

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a man interviewing a woman on a podcast
How to be a Good Podcast Interviewer

Hosting a podcast? Here's some expert advice on how to be a good interviewer.

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