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How Tos
Growing An Audience of Podcast Listeners

You've launched your podcast, now what? It's time to grow your listenership! Learn how with these easy tips.

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How to Change the Sample Rate of Your Audio

Learn how to easily change the sample rate of your audio in Quicktime Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro.

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For Clients
Podcast Press Release Template

Now that your podcast is launching, make sure the world knows! This podcast press release template will help you get the word out.

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For Clients
Measuring Podcast Performance (It's More Than Just Analytics)

There is more than the podcast analytics to consider when measuring podcast performance. Learn how else you can measure podcast performance.

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For Clients
How to Promote a Podcast

You have to know how to promote a podcast to grow your listenership. Here are 2 tried and true strategies to help you promote yours.

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For Clients
The Best Ads of 2017 as Selected by Voices Staff

Looking for top ads of 2017? Look no further - this list, compiled by Voices staff showcase the best commercials and voice overs of 2017.

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For Clients
3 Signs You’re Hearing a Good Voice Actor

Need pointers for knowing if a voice actor you're listening to is someone you'd want to cast? Explore 3 qualifiers that make for a good read.

Content Creator and Storyteller Ally Pintucci
For Clients
Understanding How to Leverage Social Media Influencers

Ever wonder what a social media influencer does? Instagram Storyteller Ally Pintucci explains how she works, and how you can work with her.

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For Clients
Royalties, Distribution, Promotion and More: Answers...

From royalties to promotion and distribution, there's a lot to consider when it comes to audiobook post production. Get the scoop here!

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For Clients
Interactive Documentaries: How Stories Are Coming to Life

Learn how interactive documentaries allow the audience or ‘user’ to modify their journey through the story with a range of digital tools.

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For Clients
Tax Credit and Funding Programs for Filmmakers...

Funding and staying on budget - may be the biggest hurdle your film project faces. Learn about funding and credits for Canadian productions.

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For Clients
Academy Award for Best Picture – Nomination...

Can you predict which films will be nominated for an Oscar? We analyze the nominees for Best Picture and draw comparisons.

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