Post Production

A man with blue eyes and gray hair smiles and looks at the camera as he stacks coins in several rows.
Royalties, Distribution, Promotion and More: Answers...

From royalties to promotion and distribution, there's a lot to consider when it comes to audiobook post production. Get the scoop here!

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A man uses an interactive graphic that is projected by his iPad.
Interactive Documentaries: How Stories Are Coming to Life

Learn how interactive documentaries allow the audience or ‘user’ to modify their journey through the story with a range of digital tools.

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Sunali and Mikayla from International Justice Mission Canada
5 Content Production Tips Every Creative Professional...

What if you could build a bank of content that could help you fill your channels with engaging stories for a whole year? Learn how!

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Casa Loma in Toronto, Ontario Canada - a famous film location
Tax Credit and Funding Programs for Filmmakers...

Funding and staying on budget - may be the biggest hurdle your film project faces. Learn about funding and credits for Canadian productions.

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a golden film reel and unraveling film
Academy Award for Best Picture – Nomination...

Can you predict which films will be nominated for an Oscar? We analyze the nominees for Best Picture and draw comparisons.

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The empty seats of the Chinese Theatre in LA
Best Animated Feature Film: The Anatomy of an Oscar...

Is there a trend among Best Animated Feature Film Oscar winners? We examine their attributes - and the results are surprising! Read now

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Retrieved flight data recorder
Audio Plays Starring Role in “Sully”,...

How important are recordings from an airplane’s black box? Depending on the plane, they could literally change the course of history.

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A person writes on a window with white erasable pen
Why You Should Stop Using “Please Share” as Your...

If you've been asking people to share your video, you may be doing more harm than good. Learn how to use your CTA most effectively.

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Mark Vogelsang and Stephanie Ciccarelli share a laugh
Sound Considerations for Creating Award and...

Do you dream of having your film project recognized for festival showings and awards? Read these sound design tips for winning submissions.

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A plant growing above the others
Growing An Audience of Podcast Listeners

You've launched your podcast, now what? It's time to grow your listenership! Learn how with these easy tips.

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Digital network
What is an Audio Ad Network?

Read more about audio ad networks, how they work, and how you can take advantage, including examples of targeted ad providers.

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How to Monetize Your Podcast

You've got a great podcast produced and the listeners are rolling in. Now, how do you make money? Learn how to monetize your podcast now!

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