Post Production

Music player with ear buds
How to Change the File Format of Your Audio Ad in...

You can easily change your audio file format to MP3, for free, with iTunes. Here are step-by-step instructions on how.

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Man at a mixing board
Mixing Your Podcast

Mixing your podcast is a crucial step in ensuring that you're producing a quality show. Learn more about mixing terms and techniques now.

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Hollywood's New Triple Threat? Acting, Looks, and Voice?
Hollywood’s New Triple Threat? Acting, Looks,...

Traditionally, people known as Triple Threats have been performers who can sing, dance and act, but what if there is a new Triple Threat on the horizon?

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Meet the Industry: Clients Who Hire Voice Actors

How are voice actors found and who hires them? What do clients look for and are there any similarities? Learn more here!

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Who is Locking out Female Voice Talent?

When you think of movie trailer voice overs, what do you think of? Perhaps, the better question to ask is: Which gender of voice do you think of?

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