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New York Counties’ Voting Requirements

New York counties are facing pressure to improve voter turnout for the 2020 US Election. The solution is providing multi-lingual voice over.

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Online Learning vs Traditional Learning

A comprehensive look at the key differences, as well as the pros and cons, between online learning and traditional learning.

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7 Great Brand Storytelling Examples For You to Emulate

Running out of creative ideas to tell your brand's story to your audience? Here are 7 great brand storytelling examples you can borrow.

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the lower portion of a woman's face is visible from underneath a high fashion hat
How Refinery29 Found Their Perfect Voice

Refinery29 helps millions discover their style. When it came time to find the embodiment of their brand voice, they came to

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Image of a man teaching a group of students in an open space room, with low lighting.
How Harvard Created One of the Best Online Learning...

Looking into online learning platforms, but still on the fence about it? Read about Harvard's secret sauce to their online learning platform.

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elearning industry growth
Elearning Industry Growth: A Look at Where Online...

The elearning industry growth is a boom that will impact where the world of online learning is headed.

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A series of illustrated blue squares stretched out like an like an accordion, show a spectrum of blue
Understanding How to Express Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice is always in dialogue with your audience. Take control of the conversation by understanding where and how its expressed.

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Image of man's hand putting ballot in box with California flag in background.
California County Voting Requirements: Preparing for...

The 2020 US Election is coming sooner than many California counties want to realize. Here's everything you need have in order for March 3.

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Animation of people carrying voting cards and placing them on a computer with the font vote on the screen.
Voting Technology: The Innovations Set to...

Voting technology is rapidly evolving. From an Alexa Skill to voting with your phone, we take a look at how it will impact the US elections.

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Three hands are pointing to a technical paper with a pencil drawing.
Planning Your Podcast – Free Podcast Scripts and...

Podcast format matters! Learn how to properly plan your podcast, write podcast scripts and start producing quality content today.

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An animation of an old school typewriter with handwritten notes and papers on a blue desk.
9 Storytelling in Marketing Trends to Track in 2019

Storytelling in marketing is a hot topic these days. Let the former New York Times brand content editor walk you through the trends to track.

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Animated image of a typewriter, paper, writing material and a cup of coffee on a desk.
The 3 Brand Storytelling Keys to Build a Loyal...

We tracked down one of the industry's leading brand storytelling experts to highlight the three keys to prioritize for your brand.

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