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elearning industry growth
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Elearning Industry Growth: Where Online Learning is Headed

The elearning industry growth is a boom that will impact where the world of online learning is headed.

Image of man's hand putting ballot in box with California flag in background.
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California County Voting Requirements: Preparing for...

The 2020 US Election is coming sooner than many California counties want to realize. Here's everything you need have in order for March 3.

Animation of people carrying voting cards and placing them on a computer with the font vote on the screen.
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Voting Technology: The Innovations Set to Revolutionize US Elections

Voting technology is rapidly evolving. From an Alexa Skill to voting with your phone, we take a look at how it will impact the US elections.

Closeup of equipment in a videographer's grip
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Making the Most of Your Video Production Schedule

Tips and tricks on how to maximize your video production schedule so you can make the most of content creation opportunities. Read now!

An animation of an old school typewriter with handwritten notes and papers on a blue desk.
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9 Storytelling in Marketing Trends to Track in 2020

Storytelling in marketing is a hot topic these days. Let the former New York Times brand content editor walk you through the trends to track.

Animated image of a typewriter, paper, writing material and a cup of coffee on a desk.
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The 3 Brand Storytelling Keys to Build a Loyal...

We tracked down one of the industry's leading brand storytelling experts to highlight the three keys to prioritize for your brand.

a woman's hand holding a TV remote towards the TV with a national geographic style show playing on the TV, signifying the different accents and languages found in american media and marketing
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Most Attractive Accents to American Companies

How the most popular accents in America - Spanish, Australian, and British - are used in advertising to get across your message.

A map of the UK with soundwaves showing in the background
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All About UK Accents

Learn about UK accents (and why a British accent isn't a thing!) with these UK accent descriptions and examples. Listen to these accents.

A group of four young adults gather together to listen to and watch what is on their friend's cellphone. They're all laughing and looking like they're having a good time.
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Rise of the Audio Blog

Why enhance a blog with audio? We'll show you five reasons why creating an audio blog will serve your brand and your audience. Read more.

A group of directors filming an advertisement
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Commercial Voice Over: Communicating in a Commercial

In today's digital age, the number of ways to create and disseminate commercials is growing. Learn more about ad mediums in this article.

Creative Trends: Two men and a woman sit at a boardroom table discussing trends
Tips and Tricks
6 Top Trend Reports for Creatives

Discover new effective and budget-friendly creative strategies with these 5 top trend reports for creative professionals.

A large number six sits in the middle of a textured blue background.
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Thriving in the Age of Brevity: The 6-Second Ad

A 6-second ad can be incredibly creative and effective. Plus it's a trending format. Get inspired & learn why you need to create one now!

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