Pre Production

Silhouette of a video game plater wearing headphones with an out-of-focus video game screed in the background.
How To Make Video Games More Accessible Through Sound...

Tactics for how video game designers can make games more accessible through their video game sound design.

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infographic of podcasting elements including mics, hosts, signal towers, wifi icons, chat bubbles, head phones, and more
How to Start a Podcast and Measure Its Impact

Here's how to start a podcast. With expert advice on brainstorming topics, finding guests, promoting the show, measuring performance and more.

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A white podcast streaming icon set on a blue background, resting on a grey wooden floor
Finding Podcast Guests

Here are 5 ways to find podcast guests, considerations to keep in mind when choosing guests, and how to manage inbound guest requests.

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a man interviewing a woman on a podcast
How to be a Good Podcast Interviewer

Hosting a podcast? Here's some expert advice on how to be a good interviewer.

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Types of Podcasts
The 4 Different Types of Podcasts

Listening to different types of podcasts can help you figure out what podcast type helps you engage your own podcast audience.

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a group of casually dressed co workers using sticky notes on a row of windows to brainstorm ideas for their podcast
Brainstorming Podcast Topics

Expert advice on coming up with podcast topics that are sure to engage your audience from one very successful podcast co-host.

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A woman interviewing a man for a podcast in a contemporary and branded office setting.
4 Benefits of Podcasting for Brands

There are 4 very specific benefits of podcasting for brands. Find out what they are, and why they matter to brand managers everywhere.

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the word 'copyright' highlighted in blue, surrounded by letter stamp in times new roman font.
Copyright Law With an Emphasis on Audiobook Production

Copyright law for audiobooks can be tricky. Find out who you should talk to, and what licence agreements you'll need in, all right here!

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A man listening to an audiobook in a large room filled with natural light. Is he listening to an abridged or unabridged audiobook?
Abridged vs Unabridged Audiobooks – Pros and Cons

Abridged and unabridged audiobooks have their specific uses and very clear advantages and disadvantages. Learn about them here.

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an white animated rabbit hopping captured in 6 freeze frames to signifying the use of animation in advertising
Advertising with Animation: Why Animated Video is...

Using animation for any marketing collateral provides a versatility that rivals other mediums like live-action. These 3 industry examples perfectly capture how.

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A man working in the background with a globe in the foreground
Animation in International Advertising Strategies

Learn how transcription & localization aid international animation projects. And discover what brands are winning in the international advertising space.

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Radio scripts
Voice Over Script Considerations for Advertising and...

Writing a radio ad script? Learn about soft and hard sells, how long a radio ad should be, and how to find the the best voice.

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