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A person about to open a surprise gift
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Sounds of the Season – Voices Heard in Holiday Ads

Holiday ads showcase 4 main types of voices. Find out who they are, and watch the iconic holiday ads employing these vocal types.

Silhouette of a video game plater wearing headphones with an out-of-focus video game screed in the background.
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How To Make Video Games More Accessible Through Sound Design

Tactics for how video game designers can make games more accessible through their video game sound design.

A white podcast streaming icon set on a blue background, resting on a grey wooden floor
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Finding Podcast Guests

Here are 5 ways to find podcast guests, considerations to keep in mind when choosing guests, and how to manage inbound guest requests.

a man interviewing a woman on a podcast
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How to be a Good Podcast Interviewer

Hosting a podcast? Here's some expert advice on how to be a good interviewer.

a group of casually dressed co workers using sticky notes on a row of windows to brainstorm ideas for their podcast
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Brainstorming Podcast Topics

Expert advice on coming up with podcast topics that are sure to engage your audience from one very successful podcast co-host.

Radio scripts
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Voice Over Script Considerations for Advertising and Radio Campaigns

Writing a radio ad script? Learn about soft and hard sells, how long a radio ad should be, and how to find the the best voice.

Animation budget graphic
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Producing an Animation – Animation Budget...

Creating an animation can be affordable. Use this animation budget template to outline your production costs.

Animation script and animation background
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Animation Script Template

Use this handy animation script template in order to properly format your animation script - and ensure that your next project is a success!

A cartoon background
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Cartoon Voice Overs

The number of industries using animation to communicate and advertise is growing. Learn more about who is hiring for cartoon voice overs.

Infographic style. A weigh scale with 5 people on the left side, and 2 people on the right side to depict the pros and cons on using many voice actors for 1 character each, or fewer voice actors for many characters each, when casting voice over for elearning courses.
How Many Actors Are Best for Elearning Character Voices?

Weighing out why, how & when to use multiple voice actors for elearning course voice overs, especially when budget & time constraints are priority.

Illustration depicts woman with movie clapper in blue shirt
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How Can You Get Great Voice Over Talent to Audition...

In searching for a voice actor who will be perfect for your job, you want to make sure that you are setting talent up for success.

Two account managers sit at their computers in the office.
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How Can Be an Extension of Your Creative Team

The internet makes extending your creative team possible. Learn how easy it is for Voices to become part of your voice over casting team!

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