Pre Production

Mark Vogelsang and Stephanie Ciccarelli share a laugh
Sound Considerations for Creating Award and...

Do you dream of having your film project recognized for festival showings and awards? Read these sound design tips for winning submissions.

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Stephanie Ciccarelli and Keith Tomasek talk and laugh
3 Secrets to Authentic Brand Storytelling

Many businesses struggle to connect with their audience. Media Strategist and Producer Keith Tomasek shares 3 keys to effective storytelling.

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A young woman listens to an explainer video with voice over on her computer
5 Things You Need to Know When Producing a Narrated...

Ethan Gabriel has voices over 30 explainer videos and has some tips on how to find and work with the best voice for your narration.

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Computer generated characters show a person in a motion capture suit in front of a screen, being recorded by someone with a camera and computer
Animation Stars Talk About How They Find the Character

How do Billy West, Reuben Langdon and Paul St. Peter find the character? Read on to discover how they make animators dreams come true!

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A woman stands with a clapperboard in front of her face.
Disney’s Moana Shows How Casting with Authenticity...

Does casting an authentic voice for your animated character matter? Disney's Moana shows how your voice actor casting makes a difference.

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How To Use Storytelling to Make Science More Accessible

How voice actors' storytelling and ability to speak in layman's terms can help businesses better appeal to their intended audiences.

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People excited to see a box office movie
What’s the #1 Secret Ingredient for Box Office...

What films gross the most to achieve box office success? Is there a formula or pattern that screenwriters can follow? Find out here.

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3 Tips For Localizing Your Voice Over Script

How businesses can localize their scripts to appeal to their audience based on geographical location and language needs.

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Synesthesia: What “Sound Purple” Really...

Have you ever received confusing artistic direction involving color? It's likely that the producer has synesthesia, a phenomenon when people hear in color.

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Radio station setup with microphone and pop filter
Podcast Recording Software and Technology

There's a lot of recording software and technology out there. Learn about the software and tech options for podcast recording.

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Using a Full Voice-over Cast vs. a Single Narrator for...

Clients have many things to take into consideration when casting an audiobook. Read advice from industry professionals on the number of people to cast.

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Killer Explainer Video
5 Stages for Creating a Killer Explainer Video

Videos are becoming a popular digital marketing strategy, but what truly makes a successful explainer video? Read 5 stages to take you to the top here.

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