commercial length
What is the Most Effective Length for a TV Commercial?

The best commercial length for TV has been debated among advertisers for decades. Learn why some lengths of TV commercials are better.

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A group of puzzle pieces that combine to create a larger thing
Anatomy of a Successful Seasonal Marketing Campaign

Use seasonal marketing to capitalize on special times of year when your brand can bring forth value to your target customers. Here's how.

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Troubleshooting Dynamics Processing in Adobe Audition

If you're just beginning to learn about audio editing, troubleshooting dynamics processing can be complicated. Here's the advice you need.

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A man with dark hair and ear buds in his ears, holds his cellphone in both hands and smiles, enjoying what he is listening to.
What You Need to Know About Advertising in Podcasts

Podcast advertising is exploding. Here's what you need to know about listener demographics, benefits, ad formats, insertions, and more.

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A blonde haired woman writing spanish words on a chalk board, signifying the learning of Spanish.
Training Your Ear for Different Spanish Accents

A look at how to hear the differences between Colombian, Argentinian, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Cuban, and Iberian Spanish accents, with Video and audio examples.

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Animation Production
Case Study: Producing a Video Campaign with AdWeek

The creative process behind this video campaign (animation production) with AdWeek shows how animation on a budget can be done.

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infographic style, 2 head silhouettes opened from the forehead as if to expose the brain, which is portrayed as cogs and wheels. 2 hands appear above the cogs-and-wheels brains and seem to be 'tweaking' them as if to help the brains better retain information such as from an elearning course.
Why the Best LMS Design Includes Courses with...

4 points covering why and how elearning course should use professional voice over actors to add value to the course and be better received by the end audience.

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infographic style: the northern hemisphere showing North America with 3 locational markers. Behind the globe is an open book meant to signify 3 different voice actors working from differenlt locations and needing to connect over a shared script.
Providing Voice Over Direction: Rehearsal Process Tips...

Creating a multi-character voice over script? Use these tips to get your hired voice talent in-synk with each other to deliver the best voice over performance.

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Standard corded telephone
Telephone IVR and Auto Attendant Scripts Examples

Your IVR and auto attendant play an important role in your business. Get inspired by these IVR script examples and improve your system today!

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A group of country pins
Targeting Your Global Ad Campaign: The Difference...

Global ad campaigns must consider translation versus localization. Do you know the difference? This article tells you what you need to know.

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A computer and microphone on a desk, ready for recording
How to Get The Best Skype Sound Quality

Learn how to get the best Skype sound quality, with these helpful tips and tricks by LA Filmmaker and Podcaster, Noam Kroll.

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Radio station setup with microphone and pop filter
Editing Sound Effects into Your Podcast

Sometimes, your podcast may need cleaning up, or even, added emphasis. Learn more about editing your podcast and sound effects.

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