infographic style, 2 head silhouettes opened from the forehead as if to expose the brain, which is portrayed as cogs and wheels. 2 hands appear above the cogs-and-wheels brains and seem to be 'tweaking' them as if to help the brains better retain information such as from an elearning course.
Why the Best LMS Design Includes Courses with...

4 points covering why and how elearning course should use professional voice over actors to add value to the course and be better received by the end audience.

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infographic style: the northern hemisphere showing North America with 3 locational markers. Behind the globe is an open book meant to signify 3 different voice actors working from differenlt locations and needing to connect over a shared script.
Providing Voice Over Direction: Rehearsal Process Tips...

Creating a multi-character voice over script? Use these tips to get your hired voice talent in-synk with each other to deliver the best voice over performance.

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Standard corded telephone
Telephone IVR and Auto Attendant Scripts Examples

Your IVR and auto attendant play an important role in your business. Get inspired by these IVR script examples and improve your system today!

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A computer and microphone on a desk, ready for recording
How to Get The Best Skype Sound Quality

Learn how to get the best Skype sound quality, with these helpful tips and tricks by LA Filmmaker and Podcaster, Noam Kroll.

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Audio Recording – Creating Your Own Ads

Creating your own online ads might not be as difficult as you think. Get tips and tricks to create your own audio.

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A close up of a blue eye.
Video Production Techniques Every Videographer Needs...

Catching and audience's attention is difficult! Use these video production techniques to create captivating films.

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A very close up shot of a camera lens, head on
Why Selecting the Right Voice Over for Your Video is Crucial

Professional voice overs get brands noticed. 7 considerations for choosing a video voice over for your explainer video.

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Singing in the rain, actress, red umbrella, lamppost
4 Lessons For Creative Producers From Singing In The Rain

When new technology comes along, you can jump on the bandwagon or get left behind. Save business headaches and heartaches with these 4 tips.

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A woman holds a clapper half open as she looks at the camera
How to Cast Your Voice Over Project Like a Pro

Wondering how to choose the right actor for your voice over project? Flying Canvas Productions shares their pro tips! Read it now.

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A young woman with headphones on gets close to a pop filter and microphone to speak
Why Professional Voice Actors Offer Priceless Value

We all know someone with a great speaking voice - but that doesn't mean they can act! Why professional voice actors offers priceless value.

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An illustration of Stanley Kubrick eyes a flying hamburger
Illustrator Antony Hare on Finding Freelance Success

Have you ever thought about building a freelance business? Antony Hare (New Yorker, New York Times), illustrator, discusses his journey.

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The crowd hold their hands up as a rock star takes the stage
4 Common but Easily Avoidable Live Sound Mistakes

For all those who want to learn how to pull off great live sound - here are 4 common but easily avoidable mistakes!

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