Growing Your Business

A group of young professionals gather around a table to review documents that are scattered on said table.
Tips from Account Managers – Learn...

What do clients want? In the case of’s Full Service jobs, Account Managers are often the ones creating a shortlist of custom auditions for a...

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Two puzzles pieces (one blue and one teal) sit next to each other on a wood grain background. They appear as though they fit together and look like they are about to be slid together.
Your Marketing Mix – Putting the Pieces Together

Marketing can be daunting. Learn some tips from about goal setting, budgeting, and how to stand out!

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Woman being interviewed.
3 Questions Talent Agents Should Ask Before They Rep You

  How well does your agent know you? When you are in charge of auditioning on your own, you have the ability to quickly decide whether or not you are a...

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A photo shows the Palace of Westminster (in the UK) at dusk
Behind the Scenes of the UK Voice Acting Industry

Even in a global economy, regional nuances to conducting business matter. Learn how the UK voice acting industry operates.

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A side shot of runners at the starting blocks. They are on red track.
Get Up and Go – How to Launch a Voice Acting...

Brian Thon, international voice actor and producer, gives you his tips to launch a successful voice acting career.

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A woman sits on a couch with her laptop in her lap and her legs out in front of her. She is smiling. On the laptop's screen is a website page.
How to Create a Great Profile

Are you making the most of your profile on If it's not fully filled out, you might be missing out!

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An illuminated cloud sits in the centre of the image with lines reaching out to various elements - on the left, a symbol of a folder attaches to another symbol of a smart phone, which is connected to a link symbol. The folder is also linked to an icon of a computer monitor. On the right, the cloud connects to a stacked cylinder which is connected to icons for film, pictures, and music. From the top right, the cloud is connected to speech bubbles. Various other image-less circles are connected throughout the image.
Which Social Networks Are Worth Your Time?

How do you decide where to invest your time online? Tips for getting the most from social networking sites.

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Scattered on a desk are various objects - in the top, left corner a smartphone rests on a small bounce book. To the right of that is a calculator. Next to that is a clipboard. Below it, a pair of glasses and a mug, full of coffee. Below that 2 pages with various charters are laid out on the desk. A pen is placed on the papers. Just above and to the left is a spiral bound notebook.
How You Can Use Your Profile Statistics to...

Learn which keywords are searched for often, popular job types, and how that can help you improve your profile!

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A man sits at his desk, looking bored. He has a pen in one hand and glasses in the other, up near his face. Stacked binders appear on either side of him.
5 Ways to Tell if Your Voice Acting Has Hit a Glass...

Do you feel like you're in a rut? Learn tips and tricks for identifying - and getting out - of your voice acting rut.

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A series of plants in a row. They are small (the first being the smaller) to a slightly larger green plant. They are planted in dirt and a yellow, chalk-like arrow swoops along the top from the bottom left to the top right.
The Voice Over Industry of Today and Tomorrow

Voice actor Xavier Paul Cadeau looks at the industry's trends and what voice actors can do to make their career a long and fulfilling one.

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A stethoscope sits across a keyboard in a semi-unfurled fashion.
Audition Diagnosis - Tips to Get Your Career Rolling

Want to know why you aren't booking more work? Tommy Griffiths explores how you can improve your auditions.

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A man with a beard and glasses sits at a table while looking down at a book. He has a pen pressed to his lips and a pensive expression on his face. A coffee cup sits next to him, a notebook is front of him and a small stack of books sits to the side of him.
6 Voice Over Career Blunders to Avoid

Shelly Shenoy, voice actor and coach shares her insights for voice actors as she dispels misconceptions and provides advice.

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