Growing Your Business

Full Time Voice Over Jobs
Want to Act Full-Time? How to Go from Hobbyist to...

Ever wonder how to make your voice acting or acting hobby into a full time career? Heidi Dean founder of Marketing 4 Actors explains how.

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A business man choosing his voice
Find the Right VO Delivery for Any Script, Every Time

Voice Actor and coach Tommy Griffiths shares his full-proof plan for delivering the best audition to book voice over jobs.

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A man writing down information on a notepad
Thinking and Acting Like Your Own Agent

How voice actors can "think like an agent" to help themselves with their overall marketing strategy to promote their voice over skills.

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Perks for Movie Actors to Work From Home

Perks of being a movie voice actor: Less Preparation Time, Scripts at Sessions, Achieving the Impossible, and more!

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Successful man walking across a bridge to success
10 Profile Mistakes to Avoid

Is your profile generating enough voice over audition opportunities for you? Here are 10 ways to improve your profile!

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Education apple and books
Educational Voice Over: Teaching With The Power of the...

Who is hiring for educational narrators? And who is best positioned to be a voice actor in education? Find out here!

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voice insurance
Should You Insure Your Voice?

If you're a voice actor, you can insure your voice so you're covered even if the worst case scenario occurs. Like vocal injury.

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Most Common Languages Other Than English and Spanish...

In the US, the country's primary language is English with the secondary language being Spanish. Many of the states have unique third most-spoken languages....

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How Audioguides Can Enhance the Travelers Experience

Many of us travel, often for leisure. Often throughout our trips we visit common landmarks. we discuss the commonality of audio guides and how they are...

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What Jobs are there for Spanish Speaking Voice Talent?

Spanish is one of 6 official languages recognized by the united nations. VOX Daily looks at some common voice over jobs for Spanish speaking talent.

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Deborah Sale-Butler: Fake It Till You Make It

Voice talent Deborah Sale-Butler is often seen on the recently hired list on Learn how she markets herself though VOX Daily's interview with her.

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What is an NDA and When Should One Be Issued?

When booking for larger clients sometimes a non disclosure agreement is required. What do these agreements entail and have you considered what they really mean...

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