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A picture depicting a microphone with pop screen in a home recording studio
Voice Over Home Studio – How to Soundproof a Room

Soundproofing a room can be tough but Voices.com is here to help! Learn the do's & don'ts of soundproofing rooms to filter out unwanted noise.

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Soundproof room with foam
Building a WhisperRoom Replica on a Budget

Whisper Room Sound Booths are awesome. But if you can't afford to buy one right now, here's how to build your own while you save up!

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Technology Wishlist
Voice Actors’ Tech Wish Lists for 2019

100 voice actors told us what was on their 2019 voice over tech wish lists - from mics to DAWs, to home studio upgrades, and more.

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voice over software
What is the Best Voice Over Software?

When looking for the best voice over software should you pay for or use a free program? Here are 8 of the best programs to help you pick.

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A home recording studio
How to be More Productive in the Studio

Use these home studio productive tips on batch processing, hotkeys, time management, and more to make the most of your time in the studio.

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Session Templates
Want to Save Time in the Recording Studio? Use Presets...

Audio recording software comes with presets and templates to help voice actors save time setting up their recording sessions. Here's how:

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Feature image for How To Use GarageBand on a Mac
How to Use GarageBand on a Mac

GarageBand is a great way to produce your finished product. This article will lead you through the process of how to use GarageBand on a Mac.

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Photo for Home Recording Studio Equipment
Budgeting for Home Recording Studio Equipment

Home recording studio equipment used to be an expensive investment, but today, it’s more affordable than ever. Learn our budgeting tips!

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Photo for Voiceover Home Recording Studio
Voice Over Home Recording Studio Tips

It's easier now, to set up a voiceover home recording studio! Learn about the basics, and the low-cost of getting started here.

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Illustration depicts a man wearing headphones sitting in front of a computer with audio editing software open.
Building a Home Studio – How to Assess Your Space

There are many considerations that impact sound when building a home studio. Learn how to assess a room & set up a suitable recording space.

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A microphone sits in a stabilizer.
Which Microphones Are Best For Voice Over?

Which microphones are best for voice over? Voices.com has compiled tests, lists, and pros and cons to help you choose the right microphone.

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Photo for finding the microphone sweet spot
Microphone Setups – How To Find The Sweet Spot

Learn the best way to setup your microphone to get the most from your recordings. BONUS: tips, tricks & techniques to improve your sound!

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