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Feature image for How To Use GarageBand on a Mac
How to Use GarageBand on a Mac

GarageBand is a great way to produce your finished product. This article will lead you through the process of how to use GarageBand on a Mac.

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Photo for Home Recording Studio Equipment
Budgeting for Home Recording Studio Equipment

Home recording studio equipment used to be an expensive investment, but today, it’s more affordable than ever. Learn our budgeting tips!

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Photo for Voiceover Home Recording Studio
Voice Over Home Recording Studio Tips

It's easier now, to set up a voiceover home recording studio! Learn about the basics, and the low-cost of getting started here.

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Illustration depicts a man wearing headphones sitting in front of a computer with audio editing software open.
Building a Home Studio – How to Assess Your Space

There are many considerations that impact sound when building a home studio. Learn how to assess a room & set up a suitable recording space.

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Photo for finding the microphone sweet spot
Microphone Setups – How To Find The Sweet Spot

Learn the best way to setup your microphone to get the most from your recordings. BONUS: tips, tricks & techniques to improve your sound!

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Cartoon image of a voice actor sitting at her computer listening to her character voice over demos
How to Become a Voice Actor for Cartoons and Animation

Looking to become a voice actor for animation & cartoon? Read our tips and tricks on how to break into character & animation voice over work.

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A man sits in front of a computer screen. The background is blurry, however to his left sits a set of headphones. In front of him appears to be a mixing board and vu meters. On the screen looks to be audio editing programs.
Making Your Audio Shine: Tips from an Engineer

Great tech enables great talent! Get tips from audio engineer Bryant Falk on how to make your audio sound great.

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A man sits surrounded by equipment like headphones, a soundboard, a preamp and speakers. You can see the man's hands and arms only as the operate the computer and the preamp.
What’s on Your Tech Wish List?

Looking for something new to put in your booth? Or a good mic recommendation? Learn what top talent can't live without!

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A side shot of an emergency prepared checklist. There is an orange highlighter set on the page.
How To Run A Voice Over Business During A Natural Disaster

Voice actor and coach Tommy Griffiths walks you through tips on how to keep your business operating, even in the face of severe weather.

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A microphone sits in a shock mount with a pop screen in front of it. The background is blurry.
Voice Artists, What Would You Do For The Perfect Take?

Trying to get the perfect take? Learn what voice actors have done to make sure their recordings sound great.

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Cheap Computers
Cheap Computers for Voice Pros: A Bad Bargain?

Voice professionals rely on their computers for lots of reasons: To manage their auditions, record and produce demos. So why choose a cheap computer?

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How Can You Provide Live Direction Remotely?

Today we discuss how communication around the globe with voiceover talent has become much easier and the ways to access talent.

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