For Voice Actors

An animated image of a hand holding up a smartphone with little icons and lines showing how each is connected
ISDN and Source-Connect Explained for Voice Actors

Newcomers to the voice over world have lots of lingo to learn. Two technical items they'll come across are ISDN and Source-Connect.

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Chef, singing, microphone, whisk
6 Ways to Prepare for a Great Vocal Performance

Professional voice over artists should prepare before performing. Discover six quick steps you can take for greater success.

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Tavia Gilbert, Audies winner, on how to become a audiobook narrator
How to Become an Audiobook Narrator – Expert...

Audie Award winning narrator Tavia Gilbert shares advice on how to get into the world of narration and how to become an audiobook narrator.

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a close up photo of a woman singing into a condenser microphone
The 6 Best Vocal Warm Ups that Work Wonders

Want vocal warm ups and exercises that work wonders for your voice? Here we walk through how to do 6 key vocal warm ups for voice actors.

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An illustration depicts the close-up shot of two women's faces. One woman has a look of surprise while the other whispers something into her ear.
Take the UK Colloquialism Quiz

Think you can guess the meaning of these UK sayings? Listen to voice over of real British slang and UK colloquialisms and take the quiz now!

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Brand Mascots
Top 10 Most Successful Brand Mascots of All Time

When a careful pairing of voice and character comes together, it creates the perfect way to represent your brand - through brand mascots.

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Soundproof room with foam
Building a WhisperRoom Replica on a Budget

Whisper Room Sound Booths are awesome. But if you can't afford to buy one right now, here's how to build your own while you save up!

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booking voice over gigs
How You Can Book Your First Voice Over Job and Be...

When booking voice over gigs, there are tips and tricks you can follow to ensure that you are successful on the platform.

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voice over resolution
Voice Over Resolutions: Goals for the Year and Beyond

As a voice over artist, setting a voice over resolution yourself for the year ahead is a great way to ensure that you achieve success.

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Technology Wishlist
Voice Actors’ Tech Wish Lists for 2019

100 voice actors told us what was on their 2019 voice over tech wish lists - from mics to DAWs, to home studio upgrades, and more.

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talent agent
What Is a Talent Agent and Do I Need One?

A talent agent can help you navigate the voice over industry. We hear from two talent agents on their role in the lives of voice actors.

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An illustrated graphic depicts a man looking out over the edge of a cliff through a telescope, as though gazing into the future
2019 Trends Report: What’s Coming for Voice Actors...

Prepare for success with these 2019 trends in voice over and marketing, assembled from survey and data. Get ahead of the curve!

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