For Voice Actors

Brand Mascots
Top 10 Most Successful Brand Mascots of All Time

When a careful pairing of voice and character comes together, it creates the perfect way to represent your brand - through brand mascots.

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Soundproof room with foam
Building a WhisperRoom Replica on a Budget

Whisper Room Sound Booths are awesome. But if you can't afford to buy one right now, here's how to build your own while you save up!

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booking voice over gigs
How You Can Book Your First Voice Over Job and Be Successful

When booking voice over gigs, there are tips and tricks you can follow to ensure that you are successful on the platform.

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voice over resolution
Voice Over Resolutions: Goals for the Year and Beyond

As a voice over artist, setting a voice over resolution yourself for the year ahead is a great way to ensure that you achieve success.

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Technology Wishlist
Voice Actors’ Tech Wish Lists for 2019

100 voice actors told us what was on their 2019 voice over tech wish lists - from mics to DAWs, to home studio upgrades, and more.

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talent agent
What Is a Talent Agent and Do I Need One?

A talent agent can help you navigate the voice over industry. We hear from two talent agents on their role in the lives of voice actors.

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An illustrated graphic depicts a man looking out over the edge of a cliff through a telescope, as though gazing into the future
2019 Trends Report: What’s Coming for Voice Actors and Creatives

Prepare for success with these 2019 trends in voice over and marketing, assembled from survey and data. Get ahead of the curve!

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An illustration of several hands facing up, with hearts on their palms
Ways to Use Your (Vocal) Gifts to Give Back

If you're a voice over actor, there are many ways you can use your skills to help others. Here are three examples of how you can give back.

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voice over software
What is the Best Voice Over Software?

When looking for the best voice over software should you pay for or use a free program? Here are 8 of the best programs to help you pick.

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A woman using an accessible device
Screen Readers and Other Tools for Accessibility

Sammi Grant shares the screen reader she uses and other tools that can help with accessibility for visually impaired voice actors.

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Voice actor headphones
Time Management Strategies for Voice Actors – A...

From the survey results from 100+ voice talent, we've compiled the best practices of time management, motivation, self care tips, and more!

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A home recording studio
How to be More Productive in the Studio

Use these home studio productive tips on batch processing, hotkeys, time management, and more to make the most of your time in the studio.

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