For Voice Actors

An illustration of several hands facing up, with hearts on their palms
Ways to Use Your (Vocal) Gifts to Give Back

If you're a voice over actor, there are many ways you can use your skills to help others. Here are three examples of how you can give back.

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voice over software
What is the Best Voice Over Software?

When looking for the best voice over software should you pay for or use a free program? Here are 8 of the best programs to help you pick.

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A woman using an accessible device
Screen Readers and Other Tools for Accessibility

Sammi Grant shares the screen reader she uses and other tools that can help with accessibility for visually impaired voice actors.

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Voice actor headphones
Time Management Strategies for Voice Actors – A...

From the survey results from 100+ voice talent, we've compiled the best practices of time management, motivation, self care tips, and more!

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A home recording studio
How to be More Productive in the Studio

Use these home studio productive tips on batch processing, hotkeys, time management, and more to make the most of your time in the studio.

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Man peacefully listening to music on his mobile device.
Music for Creativity

Got writer’s block? Feeling deprived of inspirational oxygen? Discover the best music for creativity to energize and inspire.

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A female singer stands in the background. In the foreground is a microphone with a red pop filter in front of it.
The Art of the Audition: How to Make the Most of Your...

Auditioning for voice over jobs can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Follow these audition tips to make the process less daunting.

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photo for how to be creative
How to Be Creative – 7 Tips for Boosting...

There are tips you can weave into your life to learn how to be creative every day. Author and entrepreneur, Deep Patel shares his tips.

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A woman standing at the top of a tall mountain
Protecting Your Vocal Health – Tips from a Voice...

As a voice actor you need to protect your voice. Vocal coach, Susan Berkley, shares vocal health tips to keep your voice at its best.

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Two hands encircle a set of paper cutouts shaped like people holding hands.
Self Care Tips and Activities for Every Creative

Carving out a self care practice is a must for professionals, especially creatives. Get inspired with these self care tips and activities.

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The silhouettes of two trapeze artists show one extending his hands to the other, who is in mid-air
Grow Your Voice Acting Career: Business Development...

Growing your voice acting career is challenging. Get 3 key insights from pro voice actors on how to become more successful in voice acting.

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Woman at a computer studying
5 Ways to Increase Productivity

Do you need to increase productive in your project management? These 5 productivity tips will inspire you to be more productive.

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