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For Voice Actors
How You Can Use Your Voices Profile Statistics to...

Learn which keywords are searched for often, popular job types, and how that can help you improve your profile!

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5 Ways to Tell if Your Voice Acting Has Hit a Glass...

Do you feel like you're in a rut? Learn tips and tricks for identifying - and getting out - of your voice acting rut.

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For Voice Actors
The Voice Over Industry of Today and Tomorrow

Voice actor Xavier Paul Cadeau looks at the industry's trends and what voice actors can do to make their career a long and fulfilling one.

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For Voice Actors
Audition Diagnosis - Tips to Get Your Career Rolling

Want to know why you aren't booking more work? Tommy Griffiths explores how you can improve your auditions and land your next gig.

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For Voice Actors
6 Voice Over Career Blunders to Avoid

Shelly Shenoy, voice actor and coach shares her insights for voice actors as she dispels misconceptions and provides advice.

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For Voice Actors
How to Make the Most of Your Experience on

Be strategic, set up email notifications, reply to auditions like a pro with a strong audition proposal and so much more!

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For Clients
3 Ways Talking With Your Hands Can Help You...

Have you ever thought about how the way you sound makes a difference in how people listen to you? Discover how talking with your hands helps!

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For Voice Actors
Starting A Digital Voice Acting Career – A...

Take a look back at how a voice acting career used to begin - and see how much easier it is to get started nowadays.

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For Voice Actors
Everything You Need to Record Voice Over When on...

Everyone needs a vacation, but what if you still want the option to complete voice over work? Here's how to record your voice from anywhere.

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For Clients
4 Ways to Gain an Influencer’s Mental Real Estate

What goes into getting a job or being known as a go-to source? Earning an influencer's mental real estate can get you there. Here's how.

A close up of a script describes a scene between a police man and a robber
For Voice Actors
Recording a Demo: How to Choose the Right Script for You

Once know that you’re ready to record, having the right voice over demo script becomes fundamentally important. Here's how to find one.

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For Voice Actors
Tips for Living the La La Land #ActorsLife

Has auditioning changed much over the years? If you enjoyed Singing in the Rain, you'll love La La Land and this modern take on auditioning.

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