Voice Care

Woman speaking into cellphone
What is Vocal Fry and What Does it Sound Like?

The vocal fry phenomena has taken over in recent years. We asked the voice over community what is vocal fry and when to use it.

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6 Ways to Prepare for a Great Vocal Performance

Professional voice over artists should prepare before performing. Discover six quick steps you can take for greater success.

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The 6 Best Vocal Warm Ups that Work Wonders

Want vocal warm ups and exercises that work wonders for your voice? Here we walk through how to do 6 key vocal warm ups for voice actors.

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A woman standing at the top of a tall mountain
Protecting Your Vocal Health – Tips from a Voice...

As a voice actor you need to protect your voice. Vocal coach, Susan Berkley, shares vocal health tips to keep your voice at its best.

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A man and a woman stand next to each other in a room with soundproofing. The man is holding a script and the woman is standing next to him, smiling. A microphone is in front of both of them.
Dialect Coach to the Stars Denise Woods on Creating...

Denise Woods, dialect coach to the stars, shares her experience keeping actors stay in character and tips for helping you sustain yours.

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A woman explaining the letter A to a child
Speech and Language Disorders

Learn about common speech language disorders, including those that affect children and adults, such as stuttering.

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An MRI scan of a side view of a head and neck.
How Are You Making that Sound? A Literal Look at...

Increasing vocal control with visualization is a limited view. See how your voice literally changes with this video by Tyley Ross.

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A mother and daughter lie in the grass with their mouths open, smiling and singing
5 Ways to Protect Your Vocal Health

When you use your voice for a living, it's vital to protect your vocal health. Here are some tips to keep your precious resource healthy!

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Young woman bothered by noise.
Misophonia: When Certain Sounds Are Intolerable

Irritated by the sound of chewing? Do mouth noises bother you more than most people? Misophonia will make you think differently about sound.

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An opera singer singing with his hands up
Where Does Your Voice Naturally Shine?

it is far more common for a voice actor or singer to capitalize on the lower range of his or her instrument than its higher range.

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tea and honey
How Much Does Honey Really Help?

Voice professionals know how critical it is to treat their main instrument with great care. Honey is a common remedy, but does it really work?

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woman holding throat to protect voice
3 Ways To Protect Your Voice

These 3 quick tips to keep your voice in its optimal state will help you in the short term and the long term.

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