Vocal Health

tea and honey
Vocal Health
How Much Does Honey Really Help?

Voice professionals know how critical it is to treat their main instrument with great care. Honey is a common remedy, but does it really work?

protect your hearing
Vocal Health
How Do You Protect Your Hearing?

Hear about some proactive steps the OIART is taking to protect the ears of their students and future audio engineers.

Vocal Health
Butt Out! Medical Reasons Why Voice Actors Should...

If you’ve ever smoked, do smoke or have quit, you know what cigarette smoking can do to your voice. Dr. Sims agrees, it's time to quit smoking.

Voice Over
Tips For How To Control Your Voice

Guest blogger Blake Sanders a technical writer who understands the industry shares essential information for voice control.

An Unorthodox Way To Get Your Voice Back in a Flash | Voices.com Blog - Where clients and voice actors can find valuable information on pre-production, technology, animation, video and audio production, home recording studios, business growth, voice acting and auditions, celebrity voice actors, voiceover industry news and more!
Voice Over
An Unorthodox Way To Get Your Voice Back in a Flash

Need to get your voice back for an interview, important presentation or live performance? Drinking water helps, but you've never tried this!

Vocal Health
Missing Those Good Vibrations? Thyroplasty May Help

When a voice becomes weak, breathy or struggles to perform, there may be something more serious going on with the vocal folds than meets the eye. Thyroplasty...

An MRI scan of a side view of a head and neck.
Vocal Health
How Are You Making that Sound? How to Increase Vocal Control

Increasing vocal control with visualization is a limited view. See how your voice literally changes with this video by Tyley Ross.

Vocal Health
Keeping Hydrated and Moisturized for Healthy Voice...

Having trouble keeping a consistent sound when recording? Discover some great tricks to rid yourself of mouth problems when recording voice overs.

A woman standing at the top of a tall mountain
Voice Over
Tips from a Voice Coach on Protecting Vocal Health

As a voice actor you need to protect your voice. Vocal coach, Susan Berkley, shares vocal health tips to keep your voice at its best.

Two hands encircle a set of paper cutouts shaped like people holding hands.
Vocal Health
Self Care Tips and Activities for Every Creative

Carving out a self care practice is a must for professionals, especially creatives. Get inspired with these self care tips and activities.

Vocal Health
How the Voice Is Affected During Pregnancy

How does pregnancy effect the voice and why? Hormonal changes impact many different factors in our voice, such as our tone and the volume at which we speak.

A man and a woman stand next to each other in a room with soundproofing. The man is holding a script and the woman is standing next to him, smiling. A microphone is in front of both of them.
Vocal Health
Dialect Coach to the Stars Denise Woods on Creating...

Denise Woods, dialect coach to the stars, shares her experience keeping actors stay in character and tips for helping you sustain yours.

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