Tips and Tricks
Leave a Message After the Beep!

Inevitably you won’t be able to pick up every call that comes to your business, and because of that reality, we have something ingenious called voicemail.

Voice Over
Spotlight on Katherine Kellgren, Audie Award-Winning...

A look at the classically trained, sophisticated and sonorous, narrates stories from the depths of her soul combining talent and skill with pure passion.

Growing Your Business
When and Why NDAs are Used in Voice Over Contracts

If you’ve been a voice actor for any length of time and are doing well, you may have run across situations where your client has made you sign a NDA.

How Tos
How To Become A Voice Actor Fresh Out of High School

Discover how you can make voice over your first career fresh out of school.

Growing Your Business
Voice Acting’s Toughest Legal Questions Answered...

Is it OK to use copyrighted material in your demo? What could happen if you use a script from an audition that you didn’t win for promotional purposes?

Growing Your Business
How Do You Get Into Character?

Before you get in front of the mic, do you have anything special that you do to get in the ‘zone’?

Growing Your Business
Making Non-union Jobs Union Jobs

Pat Fraley says that it can be done! To find out how you can turn a non-union job into a union job, read this post.

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