Sound Engineer
Top 13 Audio Engineering Schools for 2022

From LA to Toronto, we’ve compiled a list of the best audio engineering schools to help you make it in the audio production industry in 2022

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How Tos
Glossary of Voice Over Terms

Feel like you're lost in jargon? Learn about voice over terms in this glossary that outlines words and phrases used in studio and beyond.

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Voice Over
Top 10 Best Apps for Productivity

In today's world of technological advances, there are many apps available to help you through the day. Here are the best productivity apps.

Books with a headphone on
How to Make an Audiobook [Independent Publishers]

How to make an audiobook—a definitive guide for independent publishers. Part 1 of 3: what to consider before going into production.

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How Tos
Sonic Branding: Designing Your Voice

Sonic branding has never been more important in your digital audio advertising plans. With these exercises and examples, learn how to design your sonic brand...

a man wth headphones on facing away from camera and looking out at a view of a lush green forest with low handing clouds.
3D Binaural Audio Ads Making Waves in Digital Audio...

3D Binaural ads are the next hot topic in digital audio advertising. It's being used by brads large and small, and offers a truly unique listening experience.

Collage of voice actors who mane up the Voice Insiders panel
Tips and Tricks
Vocal Care Tips for Character Voice Over Roles

The Voices Insiders shared their go-to vocal care techniques that help to repair the strain on their voices when they take on harsh-voiced roles.

Product News
The Complete Guide to Voices: How to Use and Succeed...

The complete guide to Voices: An in-depth review of how to use and succeed on Voices.

man sitting on a sofa with his phone in his hand, feel on the coffe table, and a smart home speaker sitting to his left.
How Voice-Activated Ads Have Captured the Market

Voice-activated are a digital audio advertising strategy being utilized by brands all over the world. Here's how you can use them in your own audio marketing...

2 men and a woman make a film outside, kneeling by a profession camera set up discussing the shot.
Why Companies Are Making Brand Films

Brand films are the right video strategy for any company with a story to tell. Here are 3 stellar examples, and the creative tips needed to get started with...

Woman standing in the street smiling while holding her headphones that are draped around her neck
How Sympaphonic Ads Skyrocket Audience Engagement

Digital audio advertising is a growing area of marketing and sympaphonic ads are just one way you can use utilize it! Dunkin' Donuts and Cox Communications...

Synesthesia: What “Sound Purple” Really...

Have you ever received confusing artistic direction involving color? It's likely that the producer has synesthesia, a phenomenon when people hear in color.

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