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Four brightly colored crumpled pieces of paper sit on the ground while a bright yellow one is elevated and looks lit up light a lightbulb
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Elements of a Good Creative Brief

When done well, a detailed creative brief can be a time and sanity saver for both client and supplier. Here's how to create a great one.

A person's hands are visible as they hold a book open while many others lay around their feet, on the floor.
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11 Great Leadership Books to Help You Level Up Your...

When it comes to advancing your career, leadership skills are essential. These 11 top picks are books that will help you move forward.

Stephanie Ciccarelli and Keith Tomasek talk and laugh
For Clients
3 Secrets to Authentic Brand Storytelling

Many businesses struggle to connect with their audience. Media Strategist and Producer Keith Tomasek shares 3 keys to effective storytelling.

An intelligent speaker sitting on a windowsill
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Intelligent Speakers: Why Amazon Alexa and Google Home...

The interface between technology and society is eroding to make way for a new connection: a voice-based user interface in your home.

A man stands up and presents to his coworkers, who sit at a table around him
Creative Inspiration
5 Important Considerations for Professionals Who Want...

Speaking to be heard is an essential skill for professional success. Vocal Coach Jocelyn Rasmussen shares how to develop your voice.

A person sits with a coffee in one hand and an open book in their lap
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6 Business Audiobooks to Help You Develop and Execute...

No time for an MBA? If you want to spark great ideas and develop winning strategy these 6 books may be just what you need!

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For Clients
Casting Voice Actors: A Comparison of Past and Present

The process of casting a voice actor is so easy now you won't believe how long it used to take. Indulge your curiosity and learn more now.

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Gaumont’s Ballerina Brings Ballet’s...

Gaumont's Ballerina uses motion capture technology to bring some of ballet's top dancers to the big screen. Learn more about the movie here.

A group of friends sit on a couch, laughing as confetti rains down
For Clients
Crafting Inspirational Commercials that Spread Joy and Happiness

Creating a boost of joy may be the best way to ensure you ad is discovered and brand considered. Here are 4 commercials that stand out.

Reverse engineer character development
For Clients
Reverse Engineering Character Development

According to Mark Twain, there is no such thing as a new idea. Learn how to re-spin the characters you know and love into your own. Read more

Computer generated characters show a person in a motion capture suit in front of a screen, being recorded by someone with a camera and computer
Pre Production
Animation Stars Talk About How They Find the Character

How do Billy West, Reuben Langdon and Paul St. Peter find the character? Read on to discover how they make animators dreams come true!

A young woman shows her mother an example of a project she has taken on at work
Creative Inspiration
Your Workplace: Why You Should ‘Bring in Your...

Do your parents understand what you do? Linkedin's Bring In Your Parents Day allows you to show them what you do. Voices is participating.

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