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The Options of Online Coaching for Voice Actors

Types of online coaching for voice actors, and tips from voice over coaches on selecting the right coach for your voice over training.

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Tavia Gilbert, audies winner, on managing an audiobook narration business.
Managing Your Audiobook Narration Business –...

Award winning audiobook narrator Tavia Gilbert shares she manages the business of audiobook narration, what its like to be a part of the publishing process,...

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Sound Too Regional? Accent Reduction Might Be For You

Accent reduction and modification resources for voice actors trying to reduce their regional accent. Reducing accents can help voice actors book more jobs.

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How To Build a Portfolio Without Giving Your Voice...

Getting started in voice-over and need to build a portfolio? Showcase your voice and create a voice acting portfolio you'll be proud of!

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A man sits in front of his computer with a coffee in hand. He's looking at spreadsheets that are tracking business income.
Money Matters: Is Your Voice Over Business Profitable?

Find out if your voice over business is profitable in 5 easy steps! Learn what you need to make to be profitable and identify tax write-offs.

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Why Voice Actors Should Use Analytics on their Website

Your website can do more than inform your clients about your services - it can also serve up some valuable data. Find out how to leverage it!

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Get Paid Sooner on

Are you optimizing the payment process? Find out what you can do to make it work better for you!

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A book sits open with blank pages. Above it is a scene with mountains, a house, people and a car. A rainbow is in the sky, along with clouds.
Bringing Characters to Life

Being in character can be difficult - but it can also be a thrill. Chris Nitchter loves character work and gives tips on staying in character.

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An Artist in Transition: Finding Your True Voice

What do you do when you don't sound like "you" anymore? When you find your identity in a voice that isn’t yours, you lose yourself.

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Radio Is Not the Same as Voice Over

Susan Berkley, former radio announcer, gives her thoughts on how a radio personality can transition into a voice acting career.

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A group of medical professionals sit at a table in a row, facing right. They are wearing white coats and have stethoscopes around their necks.
How Voice Actors Can Make Medical Narration Compelling

What does it take to make medical narration compelling? Voice actor Anatol Silotch shares his thoughts.

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Branding – Creating Your Personal Brand Through...

Creating a brand sounds like a daunting task. Get some tips from on how to make yourself stand out!

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