Growing Your Business

An open laptop sits on a desk next to headphones and audio equipment.
Starting A Digital Voice Acting Career – A...

Take a look back at how a voice acting career used to begin - and see how much easier it is to get started nowadays.

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A microphone sits in focus while the background of empty chairs in a conference venue is hazy
Voice Over Pros: LevelUp Your Career in NYC

Join Voices, industry peers, experts and coaches for this intensive one-day event for those who want to level up their voice over career.

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A man wearing a ballcap and headphones has his back turned to the camera as he speaks into a microphone in an isobooth
Going Pro

Ever wonder what makes the difference between a professional voice actor and a beginner? Learn about the impact of branding & promotion here.

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Pink banner that says LevelUp San Francisco
Voice Over Beginners: LevelUp Your Career in San...

Beginning voice actor? Want to stand out from the crowd? Learn from industry coaches and voice actor mentors. Get info on presenters today!

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Conference attendees watch a presenter speak in front of a projector screen.
Conference Me In: 3 Ways that the ROI of Attending...

Attending an industry conference can be a significant investment. Determine it's value by considering if it has these three qualities.

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Learning in Limos: Mentoring in the Style of Don...

Do you have a mentor? Hear about a famous mentor, Don LaFontaine and how he taught others the business in his limousine.

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Man looking out into the crowd and lights
Want to Get Noticed? 3 Tips for Featuring Your Vocal Talent

Wondering what you need to do for people to notice your voice? Here are 3 tips to help your vocal talents to be discovered!

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Tips for Voice Actors
Video: Rate Sheet Overview for Voice Talent

It can take some time to have a complete personal rate sheet and for those of you that are new to the industry it can be quite confusing.

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Full Time Voice Over Jobs
Want to Act Full-Time? How to Go from Hobbyist to...

Ever wonder how to make your voice acting or acting hobby into a full time career? Heidi Dean founder of Marketing 4 Actors explains how and when to quit your...

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A business man choosing his voice
Find the Right VO Delivery for Any Script, Every Time

Voice Actor and coach Tommy Griffiths shares his full-proof plan for delivering the best audition to book voice over jobs.

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A man writing down information on a notepad
Thinking and Acting Like Your Own Agent

How voice actors can "think like an agent" to help themselves with their overall marketing strategy to promote their voice over skills.

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Perks for Movie Actors to Work From Home

Perks of being a movie voice actor: Less Preparation Time, Scripts at Sessions, Achieving the Impossible, and more!

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