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A computer and microphone on a desk, ready for recording
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How to Get The Best Skype Sound Quality

Learn how to get the best Skype sound quality, with these helpful tips and tricks by LA Filmmaker and Podcaster, Noam Kroll.

A banner image says "Product Update: Improved Job Statuses" and depicts samples of the job status buttons
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Introducing Improved Job Statuses

Thanks to feedback from voice over talent community, Voices's Job Status icons and definitions are better than ever! Learn more now.

screenshot depicts the job status screen that clients see, after they login to their account
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Job Status Definitions: Easily Track Your Job Every...

It's easier than ever to track your voice over casting job. Learn how the Voices Job Status definitions make it super simple!

Two account managers sit at their computers in the office.
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How Can Be an Extension of Your Creative Team

The internet makes extending your creative team possible. Learn how easy it is for Voices to become part of your voice over casting team!

A flurry of papers fills the frame of this photograph
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Use This Free Creative Brief Template for Project Success

A good creative brief saves time, money and frustration. Use this professional grade free creative brief template for your next project!

A close up of a script describes a scene between a police man and a robber
Recording a Demo: How to Choose the Right Script for You

Once know that you’re ready to record, having the right voice over demo script becomes fundamentally important. Here's how to find one.

A young woman smiles as she records herself for a YouTube video.
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An Amazing Influencer Marketing Campaign Case Study

Influencers offer brands access to their audience of hundreds of thousands of fans. See how influencer marketing works with this case study.

A very close up shot of a camera lens, head on
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Why Selecting the Right Voice Over for Your Video is Crucial

Professional voice overs get brands noticed. 7 considerations for choosing a video voice over for your explainer video.

Female creative in the office
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New to Voices? 3 Ways to Get Plugged In

Educating, equipping and empowering voice talent is what we do. New to Voices? Living the #actorslife online has never been better.

Male creative at work, man, lap top
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Need VO? 3 Ways to Tap into Voices

The creative life is one of adventure, ideation and achievement. Find resources for creatives that meet your need for inspiration at Voices.

A group of co-workers sit and share a laugh together in a meeting.
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The Relationship Between Trust, Creativity and Improv

Build team trust, and you will build incredible characters and storylines too. How to use improv to improve your team creativity - read here.

A person writes on a window with white erasable pen
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Why You Should Stop Using “Please Share” as Your...

If you've been asking people to share your video, you may be doing more harm than good. Learn how to use your CTA most effectively.

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