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For Voice Actors
New to Voices? 3 Ways to Get Plugged In

Educating, equipping and empowering voice talent is what we do. New to Voices? Living the #actorslife online has never been better.

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For Clients
Need VO? 3 Ways to Tap into Voices

The creative life is one of adventure, ideation and achievement. Find resources for creatives that meet your need for inspiration at Voices.

A group of co-workers sit and share a laugh together in a meeting.
For Clients
The Relationship Between Trust, Creativity and Improv

Build team trust, and you will build incredible characters and storylines too. How to use improv to improve your team creativity - read here.

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Post Production
Why You Should Stop Using “Please Share” as Your...

If you've been asking people to share your video, you may be doing more harm than good. Learn how to use your CTA most effectively.

Stephanie Ciccarelli and Keith Tomasek talk and laugh
For Clients
3 Secrets to Authentic Brand Storytelling

Many businesses struggle to connect with their audience. Media Strategist and Producer Keith Tomasek shares 3 keys to effective storytelling.

A young woman listens to an explainer video with voice over on her computer
For Clients
5 Things You Need to Know When Producing a Narrated...

Ethan Gabriel has voices over 30 explainer videos and has some tips on how to find and work with the best voice for your narration.

Reverse engineer character development
For Clients
Reverse Engineering Character Development

According to Mark Twain, there is no such thing as a new idea. Learn how to re-spin the characters you know and love into your own. Read more

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How Tos
Create Narrated Presentations to Elevate Your Brand

Learn about how you can create and use narrated presentations as valuable content that helps elevate your brand.

How Tos
How to Monetize Your Podcast

You've got a great podcast produced and the listeners are rolling in. Now, how do you make money? Learn how to monetize your podcast now!

How Tos
Video: Job Statuses for Voice Talent

You will understand how a job goes from open to completed, making it easier for you monitor your progress and book more work with Voices.

Tips for Voice Actors
How Tos
Video: Job Flags for Voice Talent

Job Flags help voice actors know which jobs to prioritize when auditioning, and also by giving feedback on the jobs they didn't win.

Tips for Voice Actors
How Tos
Video: How to Create Proposal Templates

Your proposal is is a small but important part of the audition process. It's required with every audition, so how do you write one?

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