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Women in a white room being interviewed or casted for a project
Voice Over Casting Strategies for Corporate Training

Learn the best elearning voice casting strategies to help you find the perfect voice to connect with your audience.

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A set of building schematics with a protractor on top
4 Essential Best-Practices for Building Killer Brands

David Brouitt, Creative Director at Ramp Communications, shares essential, often forgotten, branding practices. Are you doing all 4 of these?

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Scattered on a desk are various objects - in the top, left corner a smartphone rests on a small bounce book. To the right of that is a calculator. Next to that is a clipboard. Below it, a pair of glasses and a mug, full of coffee. Below that 2 pages with various charters are laid out on the desk. A pen is placed on the papers. Just above and to the left is a spiral bound notebook.
How You Can Use Your Profile Statistics to...

Learn which keywords are searched for often, popular job types, and how that can help you improve your profile!

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A man with blue eyes and gray hair smiles and looks at the camera as he stacks coins in several rows.
Royalties, Distribution, Promotion and More: Answers...

From royalties to promotion and distribution, there's a lot to consider when it comes to audiobook post production. Get the scoop here!

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The hands of five people are placed on a table, each one working away at a puzzle or sketching out a solution to a problem.
Hiring a VO? 5 Tips to Set Your Voice Over Project Up...

Save time and money. These 5 tips for clients can help you get your voice over project completed efficiently and effectively.

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A woman looks concerned as she looks at her computer screens, while euros swirl around her
Wondering What to Pay a Freelance Writer?

With freelance writing services, do you get what you pay for? An Emmy-Award winning writer discusses what to pay a freelance writer.

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female presenter, male audience
3 Ways Talking With Your Hands Can Help You...

Have you ever thought about how the way you sound makes a difference in how people listen to you? Discover how talking with your hands helps!

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A graphic image of illustrated food and a cell phone with headphones
How to Select a Voice Over

It this your first video with a voice over project? Theresa Brooks, a video producer at Demo Duck, offers her advice from years in the biz.

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Man relaxing on a beach
Everything You Need to Record Voice Over When on...

Everyone needs a vacation, but what if you still want the option to complete voice over work? Here's how to record your voice from anywhere.

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A man laughs heartily in the background. In the foreground is a video camera capturing his testimonial
Raw Footage: The Art of Capturing an Emotional...

Producing a testimonial video? Using the right interview techniques can make the difference between movie magic and a video flop. Here's how.

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A young woman smiles as she records herself for a YouTube video.
An Amazing Influencer Marketing Campaign Case Study

Influencers offer brands access to their audience of hundreds of thousands of fans. See how influencer marketing works with this case study.

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A chalkboard drawing shows a graph with many lines in multiple colors.
Voice Casting Trends and Popular Voices Revealed

The voice is one of advertising and media’s most powerful vehicles. Voice over casting trends show how people are using and choosing voices.

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