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Tips and Tricks
Pronunciation Guides for Audiobook Narrators

Pronunciation guides for audiobook narrators including medical narrators and narrators needing to speak a different dialect of english.

For Clients
4 Tips For Film Narrators

Veteran actor and narrator Christopher Plummer, shares his opinion on the proper role of a narrator. Read 4 tips on narration.

The Importance of Saying Someone’s Name Properly

Saying someones name properly forms a relationship and shows respect for the person you are engaging with, it shows significance.

Tips and Tricks
7 Tips for Producing Great Audio Recordings on the...

7 tips on how to create iPhone voice recordings for though times when you can't record in your home studio.

Tips and Tricks
Speaking Through Tears

Can you control your voice when you feel overwhelmed with emotion? Many actors have found a way to do this. Have you?

Tips and Tricks
How Do You Amplify Your Voice?

There are many ways to make your voice sound louder whether it be through vocal acrobatics and projection or use of technology.

Tips and Tricks
10 Voice Tips for Women to be Heard More

Communicating effectively can be a challenge for both men and women, however, women have a unique set of challenges to overcome.

Pre Production
Leave a Message After the Beep!

Inevitably you won’t be able to pick up every call that comes to your business, and because of that reality, we have something ingenious called voicemail.

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