Sample Scripts

sample talking toys scripts
Sample Talking Toys Scripts

The voices you choose for your talking toys is important in order create a believable experience for the user through the toy’s voice.

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Photo for sample scripts for nonprofit ads
Sample Scripts for Nonprofit Ads

Nonprofit scripts are a critical component of nonprofit marketing and advertising campaigns. Here are sample scripts to inspire.

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anEnter sign covered in snow during the holiday season.
Holiday Season Voice Over Sample Scripts

Looking for holiday scripts to practice with and get inspiration from? Here are three options for you to tap into that holiday spirit.

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Image for Narrative Script Examples
Narration Scripts: Non Fiction

Try your hand at these 30 and 60 second audiobook voice over sample scripts to get you practicing for your next gig.

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A story book coming to life
Narration Scripts – Young Adult Fiction

Every narrator should practice reading long form audiobook scripts. These young adult fiction narration scripts can help you do just that.

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the word "fiction" spelled out on typewriter stamps to symbolize fiction in audiobook scripts that narrations can use to practice with.
Narration Scripts – Fiction Genre

Every narrator needs to practice reading long form audiobook scripts and produce demos of their narration abilities. These sample scripts will help you do just...

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Video game voice over sample script for strong female lead
Video Game Voice Over Sample Scripts: Strong Female...

Have you ever wanted to voice the role of a strong female? This video game voice over sample script are a great way to practice.

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a mage dressed in magical armour, conjuring a spell as if she were preparing for a duel as the voice over script suggests.
Video Game Voice Over Sample Scripts: Senior Female...

Sample voice over scripts intended to convey the wisdom and maturity only found in older generations. Get a sense of these wise characters and channel them...

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Video Game Voice Over Sample Script-Sonic/sound stories
Video Game Voice Over Sample Scripts: Sound Stories

These video game voice over sample script explore scenes in video games, where the protagonist may only be able to speak through sounds.

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A cartoon image of a hero and a villain flying through the sky towards each other as if to begin a battle.
Video Game Voice Over Sample Scripts: Heroes Versus...

An interesting video game character also has an intriguing voice. Here are 2 sample scripts to serve as inspiration for video game developers.

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Radio scripts
Voice Over Script Considerations for Advertising and Radio Campaigns

Writing a radio ad script? Learn about soft and hard sells, how long a radio ad should be, and how to find the the best voice.

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A young woman, presumably listening to her elearning course, sits outside in a school courtyard with her laptop on her lap.
Sample Voice Over Scripts for Elearning

Instructional designers and course producers can use these voice over sample scripts as inspiration when they're writing their course scripts

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