Tips and Tricks

Using Pandora Ads For Your Audio Advertising Strategy

Brands are extending their reach with digital audio advertising, particularly through Pandora ads. Read our in-depth guide to find out why.

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A series of illustrated blue squares stretched out like an like an accordion, show a spectrum of blue
Understanding How to Express Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice is always in dialogue with your audience. Take control of the conversation by understanding where and how its expressed.

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Creative Trends: Two men and a woman sit at a boardroom table discussing trends
6 Top Trend Reports for Creatives And Where to Find...

Discover new effective and budget-friendly creative strategies with these 5 top trend reports for creative professionals.

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Illustration of a young boy with letters coming out of his mouth to express vocal direction.
How to Give the Best Voice Over Direction

When creating elearning narration you should learn how to give the best voice over direction through tools like a great script.

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voice over resolution
Voice Over Resolutions: Goals for the Year and Beyond

As a voice over artist, setting a voice over resolution yourself for the year ahead is a great way to ensure that you achieve success.

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12 Days of Voice Over
12 Days of

Wanting to be suprised with 12 free voice over gifts from Unpack tons of tips and tricks to help grow your voice over career.

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nonprofit advertising
How to Advertise for Nonprofit Organizations

Five steps to follow to ensure that your nonprofit advertising campaign is a hit and reaches as many potential donors as possible.

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Troubleshooting Dynamics Processing in Adobe Audition

If you're just beginning to learn about audio editing, troubleshooting dynamics processing can be complicated. Here's the advice you need.

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photo for podcast music
How To Choose Your Podcast Music

Wondering how to select your podcast music? Learn about podsafe music, the reasons to include music in your podcast, and other audio options.

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A woman sitting at her work desk, smiling, because these productivity tips helped her use even more efficiently.
6 Platform Productivity Tips

6 platform productivity tips to improve how you use for hiring your voice actors.

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A man with a book reading
7 Ways Reading Aloud Improves and Enriches Your Life

Did you know that reading aloud can improve your life? Learn how reading aloud helps with focus, vocabulary, intonation and more!

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Photo for portable mics
Portable Recording Mics for Voice Actors

Learn how portable recording microphones can help voice actors succeed even when they're on-the-go and away from the studio.

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