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A man laughs heartily in the background. In the foreground is a video camera capturing his testimonial
Raw Footage: The Art of Capturing an Emotional...

Producing a testimonial video? Using the right interview techniques can make the difference between movie magic and a video flop. Here's how.

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A young woman smiles as she records herself for a YouTube video.
An Amazing Influencer Marketing Campaign Case Study

Influencers offer brands access to their audience of hundreds of thousands of fans. See how influencer marketing works with this case study.

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A chalkboard drawing shows a graph with many lines in multiple colors.
Voice Over Casting Trends and Popular Voices Revealed

The voice is one of advertising and media’s most powerful vehicles. Voice over casting trends show how people are using and choosing voices.

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female voice talent, microphone, pop filter
Does Your Voice Acting Profile Do Your Talent Justice?

Want to attract more clients to hear your voice? Discover how easy it is to get your voice over demos uploaded and searchable at

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A woman types on a blue typewriter
Bobette Buster on The Art of Storytelling

She's a storytelling guru with the chops and the cred to back it up. Bobette Buster shares her insights on what makes masterful storytelling.

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Little girl with a cape on stands at the top of a building with the wind in her hair
Finding Voice Acting Success Against the Odds

David J. Goldfarb has worked for Disney and Nintendo, to name a few. How this award winning voice actor turned hearing loss into success.

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An illustration of Stanley Kubrick eyes a flying hamburger
Illustrator Antony Hare on Finding Freelance Success

Have you ever thought about building a freelance business? Antony Hare (New Yorker, New York Times), illustrator, discusses his journey.

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Sunali and Mikayla from International Justice Mission Canada
5 Content Production Tips Every Creative Professional...

What if you could build a bank of content that could help you fill your channels with engaging stories for a whole year? Learn how!

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Casa Loma in Toronto, Ontario Canada - a famous film location
Tax Credit and Funding Programs for Filmmakers...

Funding and staying on budget - may be the biggest hurdle your film project faces. Learn about funding and credits for Canadian productions.

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A person writes on a window with white erasable pen
Why You Should Stop Using “Please Share” as Your...

If you've been asking people to share your video, you may be doing more harm than good. Learn how to use your CTA most effectively.

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A stack of newspapers
Writing for the Web: Communicating in Headlines

Whether condensing stories to 140 characters or building ‘scannable’ web copy, writing in headlines has never been more useful. Learn how.

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Four brightly colored crumpled pieces of paper sit on the ground while a bright yellow one is elevated and looks lit up light a lightbulb
Elements of a Good Creative Brief

When done well, a detailed creative brief can be a time and sanity saver for both client and supplier. Here's how to create a great one.

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