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Pronunciation Guides for Audiobook Narrators

Pronunciation guides for audiobook narrators including medical narrators and narrators needing to speak a different dialect of english.

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A movie studio
Guide to Broadcasting Terminology

When working with others in the industry, it's useful to know the common radio and television broadcasting terminology. Here's a short guide.

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4 Tips For Film Narrators

Veteran actor and narrator Christopher Plummer, shares his opinion on the proper role of a narrator. Read 4 tips on narration.

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7 Tips for Producing Great Audio Recordings on the...

7 tips on how to create iPhone voice recordings for though times when you can't record in your home studio.

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Singing And Speaking Through Tears

Can you control your voice when you feel overwhelmed with emotion? Many actors have found a way to do this. Have you?

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How Do You Amplify Your Voice?

There are many ways to make your voice sound louder whether it be through vocal acrobatics and projection or use of technology.

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10 Voice Tips for Women to be Heard More

Communicating effectively can be a challenge for both men and women, however, women have a unique set of challenges to overcome.

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Edge Studio Presents the Voice Over Words-to-Hours...

If all you are armed with is a word count, the script of number of lines, have no fear… Edge Studio’s voice over words-to-hours converter is here!

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Tips For Doing a Voice Over Session via Skype

With tools such as Skype, you can receive artistic direction from a client who lives halfway around the world in real time!

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3 Reasons Why Telephone Voice Over Jobs Rock

Find out three reasons why telephone voice over work is one of the sweetest (and most important) gigs here.

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Leave a Message After the Beep!

Inevitably you won’t be able to pick up every call that comes to your business, and because of that reality, we have something ingenious called voicemail.

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Say How? A Pronunciation Guide to Names of Public...

Discover how to say some of these famous names correctly BEFORE you need to record them now!

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