Creative Inspiration

A group of friends sit on a couch, laughing as confetti rains down
Crafting Inspirational Commercials that Spread Joy and Happiness

Creating a boost of joy may be the best way to ensure you ad is discovered and brand considered. Here are 4 commercials that stand out.

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Reverse engineer character development
Reverse Engineering Character Development

According to Mark Twain, there is no such thing as a new idea. Learn how to re-spin the characters you know and love into your own. Read more

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Old style lettering
History of the International Phonetic Alphabet

Find out what the International Phonetic Alphabet, or IPA is, including why and when it was invented and how to read the IPA chart.

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Computer generated characters show a person in a motion capture suit in front of a screen, being recorded by someone with a camera and computer
Animation Stars Talk About How They Find the Character

How do Billy West, Reuben Langdon and Paul St. Peter find the character? Read on to discover how they make animators dreams come true!

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A young woman shows her mother an example of a project she has taken on at work
Your Workplace: Why You Should ‘Bring in Your...

Do your parents understand what you do? Linkedin's Bring In Your Parents Day allows you to show them what you do. is participating.

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Conference attendees watch a presenter speak in front of a projector screen.
Conference Me In: 3 Ways that the ROI of Attending...

Attending an industry conference can be a significant investment. Determine it's value by considering if it has these three qualities.

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Learning in Limos: Mentoring in the Style of Don...

Do you have a mentor? Hear about a famous mentor, Don LaFontaine and how he taught others the business in his limousine.

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The Beautiful Narration of Many Beautiful Things

We're shining the light on Lilias Trotter, and the narration of her movie. It makes us ponder on life's crossroads and needing to choose one path over another.

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Using Myers-Briggs For Character Development

Voice actors can use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment to help build more authentic characters by understanding personality types.

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Walt Disney On Value Proposition

Everyone has a limit to the amount of money they invest in a given project. But money isn't the only currency we have to invest when we apply our...

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ACTRA logo
The History of ACTRA

Curious about the history of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television, and Radio Artists (ACTRA)? Read about ACTRA here.

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A group of subwoofer speakers
History of the Loudspeaker

The loudspeaker has been around for a while now, but what sparked its invention? Learn all about how the loudspeaker was invented.

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