Voice Over Home Studio Build – Soundproofing Your Space

Once you’ve picked a space that will be transformed into your home recording studio and you’ve assessed the sound quality of the room, the next step will...
Illustration depicts a man wearing headphones sitting in front of a computer with audio editing software open.

Voice Over Home Studio Build – How to Assess Your Space

As a voice actor, creating a suitable space to record your voice overs can be a daunting task. From what size and shape of room is best,...
A brunette man in a plaid shirt with blue headphones around his neck stares at a computer screen with a confused expression as if he's trying to decipher a voice over script.

How Voice Talent Can Approach Clients with Scripting Concerns

How many times have you landed a voice over job only to be met with a ‘head scratcher’ of a script? Where’s the artistic direction? Where’s the...
A man sits in front of his computer with a coffee in hand. He's looking at spreadsheets that are tracking business income.

Money Matters: Is Your Voice Over Business Profitable?

Discover the Cost of Running a Voice Over Business in 5 Easy Steps We all want to make a great living and be successful. However, when it comes to...
A child voice actor, a little girl around 4 years old sits in front of a microphone with headphones on

How to Get Your Child into Voice Acting

Every child loves cartoons, many even want to be in one. Find out how in today's Vox Daily!
An illustrated microphone on a blue background

Infographic: How to Build a Home Recording Studio on a Budget

In collaboration with Jonathan Biran, Catz Audio. If you’re a voice over actor, there’s no doubt that having a recording studio in your home is an amazing asset. Those...
A computer and microphone on a desk, ready for recording

How to Get The Best Skype Sound Quality

Since it was released in 2003, Skype has become a crucial communications tool for individuals and businesses alike. But while adoption of the platform has soared, so...
A banner image says "Product Update: Improved Job Statuses" and depicts samples of the job status buttons

Introducing Improved Job Statuses

As of December 12, 2017, when you log into your Voices.com account you’ll notice that your hiring tab looks a little different. We’ve been hearing for some...
screenshot depicts the job status screen that clients see, after they login to their Voices.com account

Job Status Definitions: Easily Track Your Job Every Step of the Way

As of December 12, 2017, when you login to your Voices.com account you’ll notice that we’ve refreshed the look and language used to communicate the status of...
A woman stands in the snow with her hands outstretched in joy

The Gift of Time: Disconnect from Work and Take a Real Holiday

As a creative, it’s easy to feel like there’s never a good time to take a holiday. Year after year, it seems like you have to do...

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