How Tos

How To Sound Like a Pterodactyl

Rodney Higgins shares with how he was inspired to develop his pterodactyl sound.

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Jim Ross Meskimen on How to Do Impressions

Guest Author Jim Ross Meskimen gives his take, on how to do strong impressions, and tips on impressions in general.

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How To Be A Great Radio Imaging Voice

Explore the type of voice that is perfect for radio imaging: the pre-produced station identifiers played in between the content being aired on the show.

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talk like a pirate day
How To Talk Like A Pirate

September 19th marks International Talk Like A Pirate Day. If you're curious about how to talk like a pirate, consult the pirate dictionary.

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How To Choose Music For Voice-Over Recordings

When you choose music for your voice overs there is a lot to consider. Music is the universal language of the world, and it evokes different emotions.

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How To Get Permission To Record A Copyrighted Book

Some books just call for an audio book narration. Who do you contact if you came across a book that is still under copyright.

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Tips For How To Control Your Voice

Guest blogger Blake Sanders a Technical writer who understands the industry shares essential information for voice control.

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How To Keep Characters Straight When Reading Multiple...

When you’re reading for a project that involves multiple voices and drastically different characterizations, how do you keep all of those voices straight?

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Making Your Profile More Marketable

Do you know how your profile appears to prospective clients? This article will give you some insight on how evaluate your profile.

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The Emotional Voice

Is it the sound of the voice that captures an audience or the motivation behind how the voice over artist paints their words and delivers the copy?

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Why Does a Completed Profile Matter at ...

Discover more about how you can ensure that your profile is the absolute best that it can be from someone who has learned the hard way.

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A book with pages flipped open
Glossary of Voice Over Terms

Feel like you're lost in jargon? Learn about voice over terms in this glossary that outlines words and phrases used in studio and beyond.

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